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August 12, 2017 18:07

What are plastic sewer Rings

What are the ring and hatches

  • wells Rings with propylene sections have greater flexibility, easily welded together.They can be installed both in solid and in the loose soil.They are also easy to take out a large body of water pressure.
  • rings with plastic sections may remain unchanged during repeated freezing and defrosting of water, so is ideal for Russian climate.

Fig .242.1 Plastic rings for wells

  • Rings PVC-sections, which display sufficient resistance to chemicals.They are expensive and are often used in the automotive repair and factory production due to the use of a large number of chemical compounds.

Review rings available on the market for sewage and wells can view the video in the next tab.

advantages of plastic rings

  • They are simple to use and have a long service life in wet ground and in an environment with flowing water.It should be noted that this advantage does not have everything, but only high-quality expensive models, and still among the usual concrete rings this property does not have none.Therefore, if your house or villa located on a plot with close groundwater should pay for safety and environmental plastic sewage.
  • Another advantage of plastic is its low weight and special tools for mounting components (connections).
  • Installation of concrete, iron, brick and other rings produced by a variety of other devices and tools (punch, drill, sealant, etc.), and for the installation of plastic need only properly secure the tubes and plugs that reduce the time and labor costs.
  • for operation enough to crank sockets and plugs in the right direction and lead pipes.

Fig .Plastic ring 242-2 assembled Fig .242-3 Installation of plastic ring master

How to install plastic ring

  1. Place the ring on the dug hole, fix pipes.The bottom is not necessary to pour a foundation, but you can do a little "cushion" of 30 cm of sand and gravel.
  2. For well over two meters deep is better to use corrugated pipe, which can be adjusted in length.Then the joints between the markings can be sealed with sealant or welding machine for plastic.
  3. internal seams should be sealed.

Fig .Polyethylene section 242-4

In conclusion it should be said that the future of sewerage and water supply systems for plastic products, which from year to year, do not lose their performance properties.