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August 12, 2017 18:07

Farm from hardware

How does the design of the farm

09 Metall - Picture farm .255-1 Methods of constructing farms

shape and size of the farm control rods and tubes, which are joined in the correct order and create the necessary basis.Round tubes help to cleverly distribute all of the design and balance for the construction costs.Metal beams in turn are more expensive and impractical to install.

Each new farm should consist of a top-level (including the roof) of the lower level (including the basement) and crates between them.There is a certain terminology relating to this type of structures: the distance between the uprights and braces called panel, and between the pillars crates - spans.Farms are divided by type and destination levels.

Appointment farm is thus:

  1. to bridge
  2. For rafter mounting
  3. To overpass
  4. to move the truck

according to the state can be:

  1. arched
  2. in the form of a triangle
  3. in the form ofpoligonali
  4. Parallel

most common is considered to be one that is triangular in shape, because it is built simpler than other types.To the level that is constantly affected by various factors, may establish additional racks and brackets.

09 Metall - Picture farm .255-3 roof trusses of gnutosvarnyh profiles

Taking into account the number of racks and a common area, mounting can be divided into heavy and light, conventional, combined with the efforts.Connect all the details of farm mostly paired with special areas.By using other angles, resulting design will be less stiff and reliable, and hence less able to withstand in service.To fix the rods used luminaire.

tubular metod in building farms will forget about the corrosion, but it is difficult enough to fix all the elements of the pipes.

Rafter sistema from hardware

classification systems

roof truss system can classify in zavisimosti obtained from the load.

  1. system with load only its own weight, the weight of the roof and roofing material
  2. System load of precipitation and other
  3. sistema with other loads

09 Metall - Picture farm .255-4 Calculation of loads on the system

When calculating the weight of the roof covering material and its weight isto understand that all these components are pressed on the structure.Prolety in farms are different, but the most important thing to protect the structure from snow shelter.

load for rods is calculated in accordance with the diagrams in which all the prescribed bearings and move between them.Especially IT'S regard farm with a slope.

When accounting obschego power factor load is distributed exactly in the field supports.You understand that by using the metallic elements fixing the whole structure and its hardness is only strengthened.Stability is determined throughout the structure, and defects are corrected by additional fasteners.

If screw stretched rods resistance to stress causes sagging of the total weight of the structure.The flexibility of design depends on the length of the fasteners.To increase it should be between the levels of the farm lay coupling elements.The construction will be erected more stable if you use horse, served complete with a spacer.

09 Metall - Picture farm .255-5 lattice structures in construction

Lattice design: the use of

lattice structures commonly used for gyms and other public places such as train stations, pavilions, markets.In addition, the lattice truss used for the construction of hangars to accommodate the overall mechanisms because of their design characterized by high strength and ability to cope with the heavy load.

Creating a project includes all the details of construction and the placement of the structure.Optimal functioning of large-sized building is only possible with proper counting of placing racks, crates and levels.

Important!In o Institution designs with the location of the parallel levels of only triangular crate, for which height should be the same as the span.Farms are very high, they can not be broken down into components, because they can not be transported by rail means.For joint design used welding equipment and threads o vye elements.

A colorful example of the use of lattice structures is all famous Eiffel Tower in Paris.

09 Metall - Picture farm .255-6 Eiffel Tower as an example of the latticework

can provesti preliminary test load for the design, using robust and reliable materials for this.This allows you to check the strength of the building and will contribute to the increased use of the range of material that will regulate the load received.

Forms designs

Constructions are divided into these types of specific features inherent in them, and influencing service life:

  • The first type is to use them in a loaded field and remove the load from the busiest areas
  • second typeIt is to apply them in category entire space and its individual parts, which are most susceptible to stress the individual supports.This type better than the first, since it allows, regardless of the material elements to distribute the load evenly

Summing up the aforesaid, it is necessary to designate that the pipe laying farms and the preparation for it - not an easy task, requires the ability to build and design.