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August 12, 2017 18:07

The paint oven made ​​of brick - choose the style and color of the coating

Which paints are available for the oven?

has long been known, correctly folded stove gives its heat to the room half.At the same amount of heat that is radiated into space, it is directly dependent on the material, which is coated surface.The smooth surface gives less heat than rough.

painting enamel and oil paints brick oven allow it to radiate heat very well, and the darker the color, the greater the amount of heat given off.Shiny surfaces give off heat much worse, so is not desirable to cover the oven with aluminum paint, and the like.If the furnace is properly folded, it has a sufficient thickness chamber walls, then it can be heated at the outer side and 80 ° C.

This temperature can withstand many synthetic compounds (nitropaint, Nitrocellulose, etc.).Many oil-based paints, which are made on the basis of natural drying oil during operation may darken in the hottest spots.The market is also represented by a special paint for brick oven and the fireplace, which is characterized by heat resistance.

Unfortunately, the choice of colors such options rather meager.And if you can not find in the line of the desired shade of colors, you can try to cover the oven latex pretreated with its rough primer.

Modern approaches to the design of the furnace

Recently, the design decisions by the prevailing tendency towards naturalization of various parts and components that make up the interiors.Russian oven is very bright and stylish element, especially since every year the so-called rustic (country, Provence, etc.) are becoming increasingly popular.

these styles Fans have the opportunity to transform the Russian oven in a real masterpiece and a highlight of home interior.It's enough just to cover the surface of the transparent paint, and unique element of your home is ready.

But before you paint the brick oven in this manner, it is necessary to prepare the surface and give it a "trade dress."If the outer surface has dents, potholes and other defects, they need to fill putty prepared independently of latex paint with the addition of brick flour.

How to revive the surface of the oven?

For this is taken a red brick and rubbed flour, which is added to 10 of whipped egg whites and milk.All the resulting mixture is stirred until a thick mixture.This mixture is applied to the warm surface by brush furnace.Thus it is possible to cover the entire exterior of the oven, it will be smooth red and cash layer different heat resistance and abrasion resistance.

Thereafter, this surface can be covered varnish Oksol , which will create a dark red matte finish.For the light you can use oil or synthetic varnishes.As previously mentioned, the furnace required to give shade, you can use latex paint.

experts especially recommend this type, based on the fact that its surface is quite dense and rough, it would be good to promote the emission of heat into the room.

Despite the density of the surface, this paint and after drying it retains good elasticity.It prevents the emergence of various cracks.