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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to clean the pipe in the bath not only

How to unclog a pipe in the bath when you have available only the means at hand?

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The first thing you should pay attention to is the siphon, which often accumulates many different garbage.Such cleaning can save you from further work if the problem is only in the siphon.If you find that the problem is not only in the trap, you will be able to help such handy tools as plunger, hot water and one item of food (soda).

How to apply them?

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  1. Plunger - causes the pressure in the drainage system, which breaks and plug in the drain.To this end, a hole in the bathroom sink or toilet plunger cover, filled with water, and then applying to otverstiyusovergayut few swinging movements.Once the water starts easily washed off, the action is completed and discharge works like before.Enough effective method.
  2. Hot water (hot water) - is able to quickly dissolve grease on the walls of sewer pipes, which actually accumulate dirt in the kitchen sink.You fill up the drain a lot of hot water and there is a certain proportion of the probability that you will be able to eliminate the blockage.
  3. Baking soda and vinegar.The problem of blockage in this method is achieved by a chemical reaction of soda and vinegar, which actively works on clogged and effective method.
  4. Plain water.Strong water pressure is also able to eliminate the plug drains.The proc goes compressor, pump or valve, even a bucket.The sink is filled at the same time a large amount of water that forms a pressure which can break through the blockage.

How to clear the blockage in the pipe using chemicals?

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A common way to eliminate blockages in the pipe, which is practiced by the house owners.Selection of household chemicals on the market is big enough.

process: organic and the inorganic react with chemistry, is split into minor details.Remnants and scraps are washed with water and the result - sewer pipe becomes pure.

Chemicals are both liquid and dry.Frequently used liquid, pouring them down the drain, leaving a few hours.When treated with a large amount of water.Dry funds poured into the sink at night and in the morning snovaopolaskivaetsya water.

Important!Code will become a buying chemicals, pay attention to packaging, on it will be about the form of pipes, for which the means can be used.

How to clear the blockage in the pipe by a cable?

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Cable is extremely effective and useful way in the event that water has a small diameter.Sanitary rope made of steel wire.At the end of the handle is placed, which is rotated during the cable inside the premises.This mechanical process is not difficult to carry out on their own, sufficient to partially dismantle plumbing (remove the trap and send it to the drain wire).

process: leather rope is twisted in a clockwise direction, thereby advancing the wire to become clogged.Rubbish wire while being in a pipe wound onto it.

Shoe cable that eliminates clogging quickly and reliably, and after removing the cable pour hot water to remove dirt residues.

Recently popular on any existing problems cause experts, also to eliminate the blockage in the pipe invite plumbers.They often use mechanical machines for cleaning sewer drains.

In fact, the steel cable is placed in a tube and using the electric motor is lowered closer to clog.Due to the engine power wire moving long distances, punching bends.The machine cleans all kinds of pipes and blockages of varying complexity.Also, the plumber will be able to offer you more such devices: pneumatic valve and electrocharge.It is effective for sewers that were clogged with hard objects, do not get on their own.

what to do to not drain clogged?

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People say: "Forewarned - is forearmed."The true rule, which is also applied to the sewer clog and Prevention.


  1. Watching the drain state, cleaning siphons.Do not throw it in any items, and you are not afraid of the blockage.
  2. Chemical preventive cleaning.In sleep plums: a glass of salt, baking soda, ΒΌ cup cream of tartar, a glass of boiled water.If not lazy and do such actions once a week, then all sorts of clogging your sewer will not get any.

Good luck in the fight against clogged sewer and conduct timely prevention!