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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to paste the ceiling tile properly and what glue to use in this case ?

How to choose a high-quality tiles for the ceiling?

To know how to stick the tiles on the ceiling, you must first choose the right material for this purpose.In general, it is divided into three types : extruded, injection and pressed (stamped). first has a smooth texture and can be painted to look like marble, wood and others. The second is provided with clear and deep image, and regular geometric shapes.Well, the first is a grainy image and has an optimal ratio of price and quality.

on what to look for when buying a really quality material?The first step is to look at its geometry (the correct shape and size).The edges should be straight, the corners have a slope of 90 degrees.To verify the relative under one tile on another, you can apply them to each other column.The second point to which pay attention - this is the material itself, which should not crumble, break off, grain and density across the tile must be the same.

Note! If you choose stamped (pressed tiles), then check its quality as follows.Enough to take the material for the area and a little shake.Under its own weight rugged tile should not break.

How stick ceiling tile: prepare the surface and materials

appropriate tools and materials for the application of the process is necessary.To glue the ceiling tiles is successful need a high-quality adhesive such as "Eco-naset", "Titan", "Moment" and sealant gun.If we talk about what the best part, we can say that they are all good, with the only difference being that the "moment" to quickly grasp.

Also, before you will be taping of ceiling tiles, it must be removed from the package and give the "lie down" for a few hours.Thus, it is "accustomed" to the current humidity and temperature.And after the deformation will not happen when the sticker will be placed ceiling tiles.The surface should also be prepared.The basic rule - it must be clean, dry and smooth.

Because if there is old paint, remove it.Loose whitewash sure to clean off.All kinds of pits and potholes line the fillings in the process.If there is only a small gap, they can not patch.This material is an excellent way of their hides.In that case, when the surface is sheathed with plywood or particle board, it is primed.After all the work the foundation has to dry.

As pokleit ceiling tile: mastering the basic rules

Once everything is ready, there is the main question - how to pokleit ceiling tile?To this end, it is important to perform a number of simple recommendations.First, using the marker must be noted schematically on the surface as to be located tiles (parallel or diagonal).Getting breeding glue mixture.The recipe is always written on the packaging.After it is applied to the material itself.

Then the question arises - how to put the tiles on the ceiling, and with what kind of point you need to start? marks the central point of the chandelier and around the glue first four tiles.After continuing the process of applying for the award earlier scheme.If the chandelier is located in the center, then everything should work out perfectly straight.But also there are situations where the chandelier is not centered.Many consumers are puzzling question - how to glue the ceiling tile in this case?

In this situation, through the point where the chandelier rascherchivayut two perpendicular lines.At right angles to learn spend more lines at an angle of 45 degrees.The process is identical.At the final stage is applied to the plinth.To glue the ceiling tiles, a video tutorial on the application which is available on our website, pass perfectly well if all the recommendations.