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August 12, 2017 18:07

Laminate Ceiling : grasp all the intricacies of the process

laminate ceiling - part

material is worth noting that the ceiling laminate flooring as well as outdoor, is made up of several layers.We call them:

  • lower layer.He plays the role of the base material.It is made from sheets of particleboard or fiberboard.Due to this, the material is durable and tough.
  • middle layer acts as a decorative.Making it occurs with a thin paper on which a variety of textures can be represented, from the tree structure and finishing stone patterns.
  • The third layer is a protective.It is made of laminate film, which includes a melamine or an acrylic resin.Through this layer, the material is resistant to moisture, temperature fluctuations, and other mechanical damage.

addition to all of the above layers, which consists of material, all elements undergo additional special processing.It includes waterproof layers, layers to increase strength and resistance to deformation.

Benefits ceiling laminate

view of the fact that the presented type of decorative surfacing material is so successful among developers, it is, of course, has some distinct advantages.So, having covered the ceiling laminate flooring, you get:

  • unique design of your home interior.
  • Regardless of the installation position, wear-resistant material, reliable and environmentally friendly, does not cause any allergic reactions in contact with human skin.
  • Finished laminate ceiling perfectly fit into any design of your home.
  • With this decoration element that visually increases room, making it cozier and warmer.

Attention!By setting the surface of the laminate ceiling, you do an additional layer of soundproofing the premises.

Along with the numerous advantages presented by finishing material, a single flaw can be identified.We are talking about a very complex and time consuming process of installation.This is explained by the fact that the ceiling design requires the construction of an additional frame for securing plates to the surface.Let's talk about it further.

Features laminate ceiling mounting

Tip!Since the ceiling finish laminate requires special skills and effort, then there is a reason to seek help from the experts!

If you are confident in their abilities, we offer a detailed action plan:

  • The first step is to take care of the frame, which will be fixed in a subsequent panel laminate.Running sheathing, usually of wooden bars.This makes it possible not to disturb the ecology of the premises, as well as increases the ease of installation.
  • When the wooden skeleton is ready, it happens laminate mount.

Tip!Despite the fact that a complete finishing material are represented by special metal fittings, it is recommended to fix the plank material further small nails!This will most effectively improve the reliability of the entire ceiling structure.

Another nuance which is worth paying attention to: the wall is necessary to leave gaps.This is done in order to be able to make further decoration of the ceiling, for example, the installation of ceiling moldings.