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August 12, 2017 18:07

The stylish design of the ceiling in the kitchen with his hands

stylish design ceiling in the kitchen with his hands

course, to repair the ceiling the dominant role played by its design, which include pictures, colors, materials, configurations, that will give the drawing volume and aesthetics.Therefore
ceilings are divided into: a vaulted, flat, shaped, multi-level.
may be made of:

  • gipsokortona,
  • plaster,
  • plastic and wooden panels,
  • tiles,
  • film for suspended ceilings.

The stylish design of the ceiling in the kitchen with his hands

It should understand the specifics of each of these elements.


Fig .17-2

Innovative technologies allow through conventional plaster to create the most unexpected masterpieces that combine harmoniously with the overall interior room.Do not dodge this case, it turns out, the proper use of color and texture to give volume cuisine and original Baroque elements.
When using decorative plaster crayons little imperfections are visible.But the required expertise and skilled hands for such skills.
plaster distinguish color and white.It should be after applying the plaster on the surface, apply primer and then paint.For the plaster has a very large variety of colors, or rather tonics that color ecological paint.

to work with plaster and create unique patterns using spatulas, brushes and rollers.


Fig .17-3

Often made of various materials such as plastic, foam and wood.Tiles can be of a certain figure, deposition, topography and texture.Installation of tiles takes a little time, she sits down on a special adhesive.
mirror surface makes the tiles surround the room.Also, tiles for kitchens with a strong stretch that will pull together with aromas and even moisture.


Fig .17-4

Benefit - is the relative cheapness.Attach possible by means of the frame and metal profiles.Align the surface is not necessary.Assortment - varied, you can pick up the plastic to any style.The advantage is also

  • ease of assembly and disassembly;
  • high resistance to moisture;
  • ease of use and washing;
  • stability.

Stretch film

Fig .17-5

This type of ceiling was popular in the 90s, and now does not lose its relevance.
main advantages:

  1. flatness.
  2. insensitive to moisture, dust, and so on.
  3. stability.

design suitable for high-rise buildings.It is also characterized by a variety of colors, patterns and materials.Before installation, consider where you are a place for lights and ventilation.


Fig .17-6

Design ceiling gypsum board in the kitchen - not expensive solution, but very profitable.Material relatively durable, perfectly evens out the surface.From it you can make any figure.It is waterproof, because more and more used to repair the kitchen.
Kitchen gipsokorton - almost the best option for the kitchen ceiling.It is attached by means of profiles, or glued to the plane.For him all kinds of decoration, since wallpaper, decorative plaster finishing.
If you have a good imagination, you can make your ceiling a true masterpiece.
first step is going to the frame, and then attach it to the plasterboard sheets with screws.
Important!Do not forget to stretch the wiring of lighting, because otherwise all your work will be in vain!If the design provides for shaped parts, then use the paper stencil, but only after put on drywall.
After installation, the joints are aligned grid, and then apply primer and decorative coating.
Tip!If you decide to make a ceiling varying complexity figures, remember that your kitchen and gives it necessarily remain burning all kinds of residues and dust.So use those materials that are most practical for the kitchen.

Fig .17-7

Obviously the same as the choice of materials for ceilings are extremely big, you should to decide what the best fit for your kitchen, go to the store to purchase the necessary materials and proceed to repair.Good luck!