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August 12, 2017 18:07

Adhesive tape for the bathroom

Pros "self-adhesive┬╗

Adhesive tape

What are the advantages of this adhesive coating?In fact, many of them, and list them is endless, but the main are still following:

  • Reasonable price;
  • wide range in the market.Adhesive tape for the bathroom is full of not only the variety of colors, abstract patterns and ornaments, but also the choice (albeit small) textures.For example, it is glossy and matte surface;
  • Water resistant and resistant to temperature changes;
  • Easy to use.It takes only a small set of tools for pasting the walls of PVC film, namely, a spatula, a mounting knife, ruler, scissors and a pencil;
  • not require any special detergents for care.

Matte or glossy?

Before the break to repair, we will first go to the market to select the desired material.Then the buyer gets an easy task to make the right choice of matte and glossy self-adhesive film to the bathroom?Indeed, so eager after the completion of all work to forget about the repair at least a couple of years.

Speaking of the bathroom, the most favorable surface for the walls still believe glossy.

Glossy self-adhesive film
But let's look at the pros and cons of both surfaces in the bathroom on the following criteria: care, safety, practicality and aesthetics.

  • Care.It is easier to clean glossy film, becauseUnlike matte properties it has not absorb dirt and grease, due to a small degree of porosity.Although often on your wall will be visible stains and spray dried, but it can be easily removed conventional sponge or damp cloth.
  • Security.Do not be surprised, but the bathroom - a place where the walls and furniture in constant contact with moisture, making them slippery surface, so there is to say about security.It is no secret that the glossy surface of the wall or household items when wet it becomes slippery, and therefore the risk of injury.In this category completely inferior gloss matte film that has a porous structure, and from which such becomes slippery when in contact with moisture.Matt self-adhesive film
  • Practicality.The well-known fact that the glossy surface of the reflector has a property that allows you to visually enlarge the space, which is especially important for small bathrooms.But.In bright light, such self-adhesive will "cut" the eyes and deliver a feeling of discomfort, but not so on matte wall.

surface preparation before gluing

distinguishing criterion for PVC self-adhesive on the other finishing materials is that the latter can be applied to any surface whether it is wood or tile, glass, metal or plasterboard.The only condition - the surface should be smooth and free of grease.

Pasting of surfaces

paste self-adhesive film can be not only the walls, but the bathroom and furniture to which the tub itself Pasted bath 1

Pasted bath 2

After preparing the surface, cut the self.This is done from the front side.Depending on the pattern size set bands.Next, gradually separating the substrate film is bonded to the wall, leveling the surface from the center to the edges to avoid not leave air bubbles.Typically, self-adhesive film to the bathroom when you buy has the instructions, so at any stage you can see in this crib.
Gently smoothing