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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to glue the moldings on the ceiling

The gluing moldings on the ceiling: tools, materials

We need the following auxiliary and consumables to glue ceiling moldings:

  1. Pencil.
  2. Hacksaw.
  3. Sponge and detergent.
  4. brush to paint.
  5. sandpaper.
  6. level.
  7. adhesive material (e.g., liquid nails, silicone).
  8. Mitre.

How to glue prints on the ceiling: the instruction.Step 1: Surface Preparation

Preparation includes the alignment of all the places on the ceiling.With the construction level of more than 2 meters reconcile their flatness.Irregularities must be leveled putty, but not before the ceiling cleaned of dust and soil.

Gruntuem wall surface

Step 2: Ceiling and wall markings

For it is necessary to make prints in a corner of the wall to the ceiling and mark the edge of a baguette on a wall at the top and bottom contour.Chart important weak core pencil, so you can easily delete it.A similar counting should be done and the second wall.

Mark up the baguette border

Step 3: Mark the size of the ceiling moldings

To determine the right length should be attached to the wall and a baguette at the intersection with other segments put a mark for trimming.

Step 4: division of baguette at a certain angle

Earlier you defined measurements ceiling moldings and trim it to need a tool "miter box", which is required in order to cut the material to the desired angle.For most compounds wall angle is 45 °.Baguette placed in the wort and using a hacksaw blade or a metal saw off the desired segment.Then cut parts put together and check the conformity of their size.If you have found any inaccuracy, remove the excess with a knife.
Cut the baguette using the miter box

Step 5: taping angle and wall

first in glueing baguettes must be glued corner of the room.Apply liquid nails on the edge of the baguette and spread on baguette.Push the plinth to the wall at the marked boundaries.This process also need to use a sponge with detergent that is able to remove adhesive residues, protruding edges.

Fasten plinth in the corner

Step 6: adjustment of connections

Places mounting plinths shpaklyuyut and overwritten by sandpaper.Putty and sandpaper can be bought at any store.Clay and plaster must dry completely, and only after that should continue to work with coatings.materials Drying time indicated on their packaging.

Important!Glue baguette is always performed before gluing the walls and ceiling wallpaper.In the other procedure will be plastered plinth problematic work.

Caulking coating

Step 7: Painting and Decorating

For decoration only begin after sticking is completed and all is completely dry.The procedure involves the decoration color in a variety of colors depending on the style of the interior.So baguette can be arranged in high-tech style, Baroque, Art Nouveau and any other finishing direction.The material is fully dismantled and replaced if necessary.

Visually trace, how to glue the moldings, can be in the video.

How to glue baguettes to incrementally stretch ceilings

Argued that the suspended ceiling unstable material and in any contact with anything sharp can be damaged or broken.Because only a few painters are resolved to work with this cover and install skirting it.But in fact, everything is easier.

Using a special glue or putty ordinary glue prints on the wall.They dub the joints between wall and ceiling baguette.

Step 1: Trimming skirting

Cutting skirting the tension does not need to cover as for a conventional ceiling.Caution should be exercised to ensure that the knife or hacksaw not to damage the expensive ceiling.Therefore, pruning doing on the floor, not the ceiling.To measure the cutting angle must also use.
Trimming skirting boards for suspended ceilings

Step 2: application of adhesive and sticking to the corner

baguette important promazyvat glue only the surface that will touch the wall, but the one that is closer to the ceiling should remain dry.Skirting tightly pressed to the wall so that it is pressed against the ceiling without the formation of cracks.

Apply the adhesive on the plinth

Step 3: plastered and painted moldings

After sizing shpaklyuyut plinth corners and joints with the wall, but it is important to leave intact the joint between the ceiling and the skirting.Once the plaster is dry, you can paint the baseboard.The distance between the ceiling and the skirting board before painting should be covered with newspaper, so as not to stain the ceiling covering.Masking tape fix the paper, otherwise it will fall.The spots can be eliminated from the adhesive tape cleaner for windows and a sponge.

How to paint the ceiling moldings
Good luck to you in the repair and rejoice in every achievement!