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August 12, 2017 18:07

Laying linoleum with his own hands - acquainted with steps

few words about the proper selection of linoleum

In general, it is possible for a long time and write a lot about what happens and how to choose linoleum linoleum correctly (design, color, texture, etc.).But denote several main parameters that must be considered when buying.Ignorance of these things can lead to a serious error and shorten the life of the coating operation.

So, first of all note, for what type of space is the material .According to the European classification of all floor coverings have three categories: the number 4 is the production, 3 - and 2 office - residential premises.That is, for a house or apartment have to choose linoleum 2 categories.

also matters load indicator (total of 4).For example, 1 means that the linoleum is suitable for buildings where there is a small load, Figure 2 shows the average level 3 - high, well, 4 - the highest (in sports halls, shops).Another important feature of the coating is its degree of wear resistance.To do this, you need to pay attention to the thickness (optimal is considered about 0.15-0.2 mm).

Well, the last thing to emphasize is degree of "naturalness┬╗ .That is, you can purchase a PVC coating, but it will last an average of 10 years.And also you can buy natural linoleum, which is more durable and also environmentally friendly.However, it is more expensive.Other parameters are more dependent on your taste and preference in design (drawing, color, etc.).

linoleum Laying his hands: the preparatory work

Once the choice is made, the question arises - lay linoleum as a right? This will require a range of tools and materials.These include: rail or long range, a sharp knife, trowel, mastic, ordinary trowel.By the way, as the mastic is well suited following mixture: Bustilat adhesive, mastic coumarone-marking rubber KN-3 and KH-2 , dispersion acrylic adhesive composition and Okamul L14 (for linoleum).

First we need to prepare the ground.In that case, if you plan to laying linoleum with his hands on the wooden floor, it is important to check the strength of the coating.Inspects each plate, there are no creaking or deformation.Protruding nails hammered eliminated and new ones.Over superimposed thick cardboard or thin-layer plywood.And only then it is possible to lay linoleum.

In that case, if you plan on laying the concrete floor (the most common option), it also leveled cement-sand screed, the recipe of which is written on the packaging.screed height should not be more than 5 cm. Heat-applied self-leveling mixture, not thicker than 2 cm. After drying the base ready for laying linoleum.

linoleum Laying his hands:

coverage flooring Note!In the process of flooring it is recommended to abide by certain conditions of temperature and humidity.The optimal t is 18 degrees Celsius, humidity of at least 60%.

Linoleum cut the width and length according to the size of the room.Often the back side of it primed the day before laying (but not always).After that, preparing the adhesive or sealant according to the instructions.Notched trowel evenly distribute the composition of the floor surface.The layer thickness depends on the type of mixture used.Packages spelled desired thickness.Next

attached linoleum "with a bedroll."This means that the web folds the inner side to the middle.Then he slowly begin to roll.The same process should be done, and in the second half.Glued linoleum is rolled heavy roller.This is done in order not to leave any air bubbles under the surface.

If you put more than 2 sheets of linoleum, it is necessary to do this lap.That is one sheet comes to another at a distance of about 2-3 cm. The last stage is called "cold welding seams" and the installation of baseboards.To do this, use a special glue labeled "cold fusion."Color composition is selected under cover tone.Mouldings are also selected in line with the overall style.Laying linoleum with his hands, a video with the technology which is represented on our site will allow you to make quick and easy work!