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August 12, 2017 18:07

The semi-commercial linoleum differs from any other

How do I find the linoleum Semi-commercial

In general, there are two classes of linoleum - homogeneous and heterogeneous, and in time for the latter include residential, commercial and semi-commercial types of interest to us, with several layers of different purposes.Someone certainly is now interested in how the material is homogeneous.This class we are not particularly interested in right now, but if briefly - this is the natural linoleum, which has only one homogeneous layer, which are enclosed and protective functions, and coloring pigment.We will consider linoleum Semi-commercial heterogeneous whose specifications are so similar to those of the other surfaces of a class of them, except for minor differences.

So, a short digression.Household linoleum divided into two types - regular and amplified, the first consists of four layers (substrate, PVC foam, a protective layer and a decorative coating PVC), the second between the first and second layers of glass fiber added.Semi-commercial version of the material is virtually identical to the second subtype, the only difference -

PVC protective layer is much thicker, it provides longer coating.As for the commercial type, it has a double protective layer, and the second is made of a durable polyurethane.

cost semi-commercial linoleum coverings class depends on the stiffness of the substrate than it is porous, the lower the cost.

Where light commercial coating can be used

Ironically, vendors in one voice say that commercial linoleum is designed only for building the appropriate destination, no more, no less.In other words, high-quality material for the floor for some reason only in the offices can be used, laboratories and other workplaces, but not at home.The same is often said about the semi-commercial and coverage, but, in fact, nothing prevents you to lay a linoleum flooring in the living room.Especially in relation to the decorative material is often superior to the conventional consumer class, a neutral gray color for which - a common occurrence.

Pay attention to the fact that vinyl semi-commercial coverage can be seen in hotels, hospital wards, and this is also a kind of living room, even for a temporary residence in them.Therefore, the class in linoleum there is a place in the living room and in the bedroom.The main thing should take care - do not try to put a linoleum flooring in the rooms having direct contact with the street.The fact that such places more suitable commercial linoleum having greater strength. For proper operation of a semi-commercial coverage will be in perfect condition and in 5 years .

How stacked semi-commercial coating

With a little experience of repair work tension is directly proportional to the cost of used finishing materials.For example, putting a semi-commercial vinyl flooring, amateur may feel irrational fear at the mere thought that expensive linoleum is accidentally damaged.However, taking into account that the difference between domestic and semi-commercial types is almost invisible, lay the two should be the same pattern.And because vinyl covers are sold in rolls, should begin with the standard action - unfolding and alignment.

desirable to lay linoleum on the poured concrete foundation, it is caused by the need to create a perfectly smooth coating, any irregularities on the surface of linoleum will only emphasize.For fixing use a special glue, and if you do not happen to cover an entire room with one roll to connect the pieces best fit cold welding.At the same time try to make sure that the joints are tight and the material with which the welding is carried out, was not under linoleum, otherwise the unevenness situ formed which eventually deforms the coating and shorten its life.