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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cappings floor - installation and species

Popular options skirting boards

not only the manufacture of the material, but also the appointment determines how to install floor plinth.Indeed, among the commonly used types except ordinary moldings having a simple and hidden wall mounting, there are special, for carpeting.

popular now skirting the canal, equipped for cable connections (eg, antenna), or to provide coverage on the entry wall.The plinth can be soft and have the form of a tape rolled up into a roll.Accordingly, the material and the intended method is selected wall mounting.This may be screws - screws, glue or adhesives and mastics, etc.

The most prestigious and environmentally friendly types of plinths are made from a single solid wood.They have a high cost.Here the most commonly used traditional installation baseboards to the floor with fastening on a variety of hardware.Installation of such strips is inexpedient to adhesives, especially at the corners and projecting parts as in random mechanical forces sufficiently easy to tear strips.

mounting skirting boards of wood with screws can be combined with gluing in areas that are not at risk of being subjected to mechanical stress described.For example, in linear sections between the projections and the corners, etc.

specific cases installing baseboards

Among these types of plinths for carpet different form, providing pasting them in strips of flooring (carpet).Depending on the design of bars kovrolinovyh baseboards made their attachment.A more robust and heavy design options with special ribs to provide for dowel fastening screws.Planck without stiffeners allows pasting special mastics or adhesives.

For specific brackets, ensuring the launch of the floor covering on the walls, has its own technology as the glue baseboards to the floor.These strips have a special shape, are used more often in demanding conditions to health and hygiene component of the operating conditions.To apply similar treatment, surgical operating rooms, hospital and other hospital facilities.

straps may be stuck in the corners of the joints of the walls and the floor, asserve as a support for the flooring.In fact, in the role of the plinth itself serves the curved surface.

bonding technique is not suitable for skirting boards with cable routing channel.Special design, including a channel for cables, lockable clasp plate requires additional steps.And in this case it is also applied to the mounting screws and dowels.

But using baseboard ribbons can decorate and decorate flooring the most unusual and original shapes and configurations, fixing is carried out, in most cases, using special contact adhesives.Glue the floor plinth in the form of a roll tape is much easier because of its relatively high elasticity and ability to make the configuration of trim joints.

How to install the floor plinth?

Speaking of options gluing skirting boards (especially rolling), it is necessary to consider that before gluing plinth on the floor, it is necessary to spend certain preparatory work.In particular, it provides a good connection reliability under option applied adhesive.

So, to roll moldings with self-adhesive layer, it is necessary to prepare a clean, flat and smooth wall surface to the height of the plinth, for maximum adhesion, and eliminating the backlog Plinth tapes.It is impossible not to glue on the primed and painted brick wall or plaster - keep the bar is not.For high-strength connections can apply additional adhesives (eg, liquid nails, etc.)

In the most general case, installation of baseboards conducted after the completion of the work to finish the walls and floor.Before you put a floor plinth, you need to prepare some tools and conduct initial markup.

No special tools are required.You can do a hammer, an electric shock to the function, a cordless screwdriver (with a set of nozzles), and meter tape measure.For cutting will need a hacksaw, drill with pobeditovye nozzle dowels and marker.Bracket mark out of the doorway, may also be from the corner.

Cropped desired length, if the start is from the corner cut is carried out at 45 degrees and is fitted at the junction of the two bars.Thus it is better to ensure a tight joint with some emphasis ends.Electric drill and drill to prepare the corresponding diameter nozzle holes for dowels in increments of up to half a meter.Scoring plugs can only be cleared of debris holes.After the work is carried out with a hammer installation brackets and screwdriving.

the presence of angular and end connectors are installed after the installation of the next skirting strips and pressed against the end face of the next.Possible cracks and gaps between the bar and the wall are filled with sealing leveling compounds.