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August 12, 2017 18:07

Timber Oak : laying a solid board with their own hands

As presented oak in our markets?

Literally every day STROYMARKET appear more and more new types of parquet and floorboard of foreign wood.And we, the customers, are left to wonder names, unusual appearance and texture, and most importantly - the prices on the floors of these exotic trees.

And inevitably look back to a long time proven strength and durability of the products of traditional tree species.Even the price of oak floors, recently seemed so high, after comparison with the exotic does not cause such a negative.Especially because oak timber does not need to confirm their high performance properties and exotic species of trees have not deserved such flattering assessments.

By sawn oak refers edged and unedged, timber, mounting rail, etc.At all stages of the preparation process of sawn timber is checked for damage such as cracks, signs of damage by insects, fungi and mold.

After gentle drying, which allows to avoid warping and cracking of timber oak, edged board used for the manufacture of windows, doors, flooring, stairs, and other elements of home decor.Products created from properly selected, treated and dried the board, will serve more than one generation of owners.

Massive flooring - what is it?

From edged boards made one of the most common types of flooring - massive board .This type of mosaic parquet is characterized by its size: length is 2.5 m, width - 15 cm An important condition for this type of a width:. If an ordinary parquet, it is about 15 mm, the solid oak board can boast of 20-22 mm,which allows it to serve much longer than usual parquet.

question immediately arises, and what then this board is different from the usual floor board?The difference is the presence of the locking system such as tongue-and-groove, which allows you to tightly join the massive board.Properly laid solid wood with proper care allows you to forget about the floor replacing in the next hundred years.

Unfortunately, the lack of this board is directly related to its advantage - a high resolution.Not always the possibility of the high-quality stacking boards without significant cutting.

Among other things, it is very important temperature in the room with the laid parquet, as well as humidity.To parquet Rassokha not, you can purchase a humidifier, which will be useful for the hosts health.With regard to excessive moisture, the recommendation is only one - in such areas it is better not to lay flooring.

Another disadvantage of this material is the high price, but on the other hand, if the purchase of this board allows for a century not perestilat floor, then maybe it's not so expensive ?!

correct laying solid wood

course, better packing such not cheap material such as solid wood, to professionals and then for her running and your grandchildren, but if you have decided to do everything with your hands, then you need: roulette, pencil, level, carpenter's square, hammer, putty knife.As well as power tools: circular saw, screwdriver, sander.

Laying solid wood is made only hard way , so the substrate must be perfectly prepared.Paul previously aligned with special solutions or made concrete screed, which should be perfectly dry.This is a rather long, but very necessary process, becausefor wood, even a tiny amount of moisture is detrimental.

Drying may be delayed for up to 15 days.After that, the prepared floor vrazbezhku stacked sheets of waterproof plywood with preservation of small gaps between them.Each sheet of plywood is fixed with screws on the diagonal and on the perimeter.All laid plywood should be sanded using a grinder and then vacuum the base.

Laying solid wood starts from the wall between it and the edge of the board is left to the technological gap of about 5-7 mm.Solid timber stacked just like laminate.If there is a need, the last board is cut.

It is desirable to do 7-8 series stacking boards without glue, asafter the installation of such floor is not to be fit.After this, each row of pencil mark and make out all the boards.

for bonding the material to the plywood, use only dry two-component adhesive, sinceWater-based adhesives can cause the deformation of the floor.For the uniform application of the adhesive initially take a regular spatula, and then notched.

Spread a thin layer of glue, then lay a massive oak planks, then tap with a hammer and a special piece.Do not forget to check the level of the series.To mount the boards was the most durable, you can tie them to the plywood with small screws through the mounting of the ridge, at an angle of 50˚.Similarly, laid out, and the rest of the floor.