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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tile adhesive for floor heating - the temperature is important!

Preparing the subfloor for tile installation

Immediately prior to laying tiles with a special adhesive is necessary to carefully prepare the subfloor.This is especially important, as the tile fastening strength affects not only the quality of the adhesive, but also the existence of irregularities.They can contribute to the deterioration of the adhesion between the base and the adhesive composition that, accordingly, reduce the period of facing the coating.

So make sure that when installing floor heating system was observed mount technology available.The substrate must be carefully aligned and free of dirt, dust and grease.

thin floors, does not lose its properties even at high temperatures are perfect for leveling the ground.

In addition, you must hide all communication runs along the floor.To do this, use a special leveling compound.As a result, under the laid tiles undesirable voids are not formed by air bubbles.To start installing the selected tiles can be only after the final drying of the base.Now's the time to think about what to choose tile adhesive.

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glue tiles on floor heating - how do I choose?

Please note that the use of conventional adhesive for mounting floor heating increases the risk that it becomes unfit for use after a couple of weeks.The reason is that the traditional glue is too sensitive to high temperatures.That's why experts recommend and tile adhesive, floor heating which is not a hindrance.Its feature is the ability to withstand a large number of heating and cooling cycles.

most often at the heart of such compositions is cement brand M500 or any kind of aluminate cement.

permissible to use an adhesive containing epoxy resins.Special epoxy adhesives that are resistant to high temperatures and have excellent adhesion to ceramic tiles and concrete.Accordingly, such compounds are ideal for ceramic coating device.Today, they can easily find in DIY stores and supermarkets.By making a purchase, pay attention to the presence of marking that the adhesive is suitable for this type of floor.

Tile adhesive for floor heating - applying technology

So, tile adhesive for floor heating purchased, finishing coating is ready for installation - you can start decorating.For this pre-prepared adhesive is applied to a specific portion of the subfloor using a special trowel, and then carefully spread with a notched trowel.Thereafter tile tightly to the treated surface.The procedure for its installation is the traditional: laying is carried out from the center of the room toward the most remote from the inlet opening angle.

By The number of adhesive that must be applied, directly depends on the size of the tile. So, for the square of 30x30 cm will be sufficient treatment composition of 70% of its surface.For more dimensional tiles, this figure increases to 80%.Actually in this case, when the coating is used as a porcelain finish.

recommended the laying of tiles on the floor is 10 minutes after the adhesive treatment.In stock you will have another 10-15 minutes to adjust its position.At the end of the day after the installation of flooring you can start grouting and its regular operation is permitted only after the glue has reached maximum strength characteristics.