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August 12, 2017 18:07

Marble tiles to create a refined interior with their own hands

Marble Tiles: scope

Marble has a wide range of applications thanks to its unique characteristics.This stone combines the qualities that make it almost ideal material for finishing.Describing them, the first thing you can select a solid structure that ensures durability.Coatings made of marble can be decades and sometimes centuries.

Secondly, ceramic tile marble and other products made of it have a unique beauty that creates a natural, natural pattern.That is why it is used in the design of interior design in antique style.Unlike typical ceramics, marble floor tile does not lose its gloss and color over time.Because it is used for large areas with high traffic (concert halls, galleries, theaters).

Thirdly, the variety of colors allows you to use the tiles for decoration of houses and apartments.Especially popular avant-garde style, which is used as a crystal-white, silver and black.In addition, most tile size may also vary.You can pick up a small squares, and the massive plate.

Tiles marble: the benefits

Tiles of marble chips has many advantages over other materials for floors.Here are just some of them.

  • High mechanical strength is provided by filamentary structure of the material.Therefore, the coating can withstand the dynamic and static loads.
  • perfect smoothness and flatness tiles allows their use for decoration, not only sex, but also the steps, window sills, panels.
  • Ease of operation and handling .Floor tiles in imitation of marble is cut in such a way that the form itself is not damaged (no cracks and splits).
  • high resistance to abrasion .No need to fear that in some areas (at the entrance to an apartment or house) will have some "of erosion."
  • sound reduction and resistance to vibration .Effectively extinguishes the various sounds and vibrations.
  • Chemical resistance to the effects of various detergents.Also, you can not be afraid for coverage if you spill any drinks.
  • safety in terms of electrical conductivity (has good electrical insulation properties), does not accumulate static electricity.

laying marble tiles

Marble floor tiles laid on a particular technology using appropriate tools and materials.These include the tiles, dust mask, gloves, level, scraper, seals for tile, bucket, sponge, white Portland cement, glue for marble tiles (suitable Weber.Kol Profi ), clean cloth, masking tape if necessary.

itself tile shape and size selected in accordance with the overall design.Of the existing sizes are the most popular:. 30x30, 60x30, 35x35, 60x60 cm typical width can be from 10 to 20 mm.

Before you will be laying ceramic tiles, it is necessary to prepare the surface.The base is leveled using plywood sheets.Further dilute the adhesive according to the instructions on the package.It is necessary to put a serrated scraper over the entire surface.Then the sliding movements like pushing in the glue is laying ceramic tiles on the floor.

This adhesive may accumulate in the seams.Care should be taken that and just scrape it from the front.To the seams were straight, the tiles are separated by delimiters.Most often made narrow groove is about 2-3 mm thick.Next give coating drying time (at least 24 hours).At the last stage, the grout.Made from a mixture of white Portland cement grout.

Note! During installation often requires cutting tiles.It is important to carry out very carefully in order to avoid the appearance of cracks.First, cut ¾ tiles, and then she turns around 180 degrees and cut the remaining part.Use the cutting can be a special power saw.