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August 12, 2017 18:07

3d floors - the whole world at his feet

floor pouring

Basics Before turning to the most interesting and tasty - 3d floor, you need to know about the general features of flooded floors.
general method of casting used for a long time, but in a residential area it is applied only recently.Why flood the floors are now used more often?What are their advantages?

Modern technology in action.

The biggest reason for the popularity -large life of up to half a century.That is, these floors are sufficiently durable and wear-resistant
Secondly, parquet filler does not contain harmful impurities.In contrast to the same concrete (fine dust).
When using this technology need not fear the penetration of water into the room.Perfect waterproofing is provided by the absence of seams and crevices.
Last but not least, a major role in the popularity of such coatings plays evenness.

Priming the floor with their hands

deck fill technology includes many little nuances that can not be neglected, especially if you have decided to work independently.What should you do and know.

First we need to prepare the ground.The best option - screed.Concrete foundation can withstand heavy loads and naszhatie hardly undergoes deformation (a couple of grand pianos stand exactly).

3d floors - the whole world at his feet

If you are pouring into the underground room (cellar, basement), then do not forget to carefully monitor the humidity.In any situation, it should be minimal.
Before starting work, check the concrete floor for cracks.
If your base - ceramic tiles, you should check it on emptiness.If you suddenly found space under the tile, you need to putty it.
Remember, the base must be very clean.No debris, dust, paint.It is best to degrease the surface.

casting technology

After all the pre-conditions, on a net basis is applied primer.This allows clog pores and sometimes crack.In addition, it provides traction needed to make 3d floor.
soil base, usually a roller.He gives the best result.Do not forget to watch out for moisture.As a result, you should get a perfectly smooth surface.
Then you can rest -gruntovka should be dry.This process takes about 4 to 24 hours.

3d floors - the whole world at his feet

The next step is to prepare a solution.Typically, solution preparation technique is indicated on the packaging of the mixture.Most importantly, you need to know is:

  • It is important to respect the proportions and the mixture of water, otherwise the floor may get strong enough, there may be bumps and nodules.
  • solution necessarily must be thoroughly mixed.

setting time solution is very fast - 40-60 minutes.Therefore, during this time it is necessary to lay on the ground.
All work must be carried out at a time, so there was no joints and sagging.It is also necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight.Do not forget to keep an eye on the water bubbles.They should not be.

Flooded floors 3d

Recently gaining popularity flood 3d floor.They are perfectly suited for any room, whether living room, kitchen or bathroom.
In technology, they are not much different from the usual flood decking
essence of the method is that it takes place in 3 layers.The last is a 3D image that is secured with transparent film (layer).Otherwise stacking technology is the same as in conventional casting.
Such parquet looks very nice, also here it is possible to realize all your fantasies.You want to have an ocean beneath his feet;or Kilimanjaro, and you will always feel like a conqueror of the mountain peaks.

3d floors - the whole world at his feet

Perhaps the only drawback 3dparketa - its high cost.In addition, over time, the pattern can become boring.
shelf life of the parquet up to 40 years.During this time, the image does not lose any appeal, no color.Of course, such a flooring should be protected from mechanical damage, such as a hammer blow.
During filling, be aware that for the polymers used in 3D parquet, fairly long curing time.And mechanical impacts that have already been mentioned above, at this time must be avoided.

3d drawings on the floor

It should be understood that the floor in the bathroom 3d, it will look much better than in the living room.In general, do
flood parquet - 3d floor with your hands is not a complicated matter.The main responsible approach to work and clearly carry out preparatory work.If you are still not sure you can do it yourself, it is best to contact the experts and pay money, rather than going to swear then.