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August 12, 2017 18:07

Laminate wood flooring

Features paving

As mentioned above, the method of laying of the material depends on the base material.For example, laminate wood flooring planks requires a preliminary check on the absence of bugs-grinders, wood and the strength of attachment to the joists.In addition to laying on the wooden parquet need it most evenness rather than in concrete.

For concrete should check for stitches.If they are present, they must be maximally smooth.If there are a large number of drops 2 mm by 2 meters, the primer is required throughout the base and top of the fill area.

If you have a concrete base is cracked, it is necessary to remove them.As a rule, they poured cement mortar.

If you have very severe problems with the floor is the "dancing" sites, and you're going to perezalivat floor, you should consider the feasibility of reinforcement.After adding a new tie to the reinforcing grid, you have to wait 2-3 days.Then remove all appeared bulge.

technology laminate laying on concrete floors


  • Before packing material must be in the room for at least two days.This should be observed temperature and humidity set by the manufacturer.Laminate itself must be sealed.
  • to lay a laminate wood floor or on the floor of the concrete, of the equipment you will need: a saw, ruler, pencil, arching landmarks, hammer.
  • necessary to verify the absence of defects and marriage.Note that if you do not notice at first and lay covering defects, return the warranty will not work.
  • Laminate should be laid on chipboard, wood, Linoli.On the carpets to lay impossible (there are craftsmen).
  • While laying on the concrete need to check all what has been said in the first section of this material.
  • Laminate should be laid so that the seams were parallel sunlight from the window.
  • can not be laid on a clean concrete floor.The first layer should keep a special plastic film.
  • between the wall and the material you need to install wedges (for clearance).
  • When covering a large area should be aware that you may need stitches 10millimetrov device thickness.

points, which were mentioned above should remember before as laid laminate wood floor.Let me remind you that the main momentomyavlyaetsya leveling wooden floor under the laminate.

Laminate wooden flooring -2

What can be included in the process of alignment of the wood flooring?

If your parquet are no differences, the only thing you have to think - it's how to hide irregularities in the joints.To this end generally use fiberboard.

In the case of large differences, you can use thick OSB boards (10 millimeters).

Also, it is advisable to attach all the boards to the joists with screws.Screws should be screwed at an angle.

If you have small bumps can be used electroplane, after checking for the presence of decking screws and nails.

Do not forget to verify the absence of "dancing" the floorboards.

After the above points you can proceed to the very laying laminate.

Laminate wood floor - 3

laminate Types

We have to figure out how to lay laminate wood floor, but not a word was uttered about his views, attachment method, etc.

Laminate wood floor - 4

laminate varies by type of coating categories load lock device.

Classification by coating types:

  • for residential buildings.
  • to the public.

Classification load:

  • Easy - for office, bedroom.
  • average - Living.
  • High - hallway.

There are also options to view the outer layer.It can be textured, glossy, natural, etc.In addition to the stores, you can find a laminate with a smooth, matte, textured finish.

coating is used often with a facet.This option can do a good service if under it gets wet.

When buying, you should decide what you want the coating thickness.There are options with a thickness of 7;8;9;10;12 mm.It depends on the thickness of the fortress locks and consequently impact on the external load, both static and dynamic.

Laminate wood floor - 5

locks types:

  • Lock-covering is attached with hitting (tapping) until it clicks, there is a spike in the pen fell.
  • Click - This option is collapsible.Board sets at an angle of 45 degrees and there is closing of the lock.

Before buying, highly recommended decide on all major parameters: select the thickness, the type of lock, load, etc. ClassBe sure to check the manufacturer's warranties.Do not forget to fulfill all the initial requirements.

If you're ready to work, move on.Good luck!