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August 12, 2017 18:07

What should be the floor tiles to the hallway ?

floor tile hallway - the basic requirements

As you walk down the street, stuck to the sole of ribbed stone may not be visible, but it is necessary to make a move on a smooth hard floor, and you'll hear a scraping sound.It is not very durable surface immediately scratched, so the main criterion for choosing ceramic floor tiles for the hall - the resistance to mechanical stress, along with durability class 3.

Ceramic flooring must match the class of abrasion 4-5 of 5.

But we do not always walk in shoes with rough soles, and sometimes wear light shoes with almost smooth soles.Imagine being in the house at the entrance stepped in a puddle, and here is a wet soles stepped on glossy tiles.The result of the fall is rarely predictable, but even with a favorable outcome in lung contusions pleasant enough.Therefore, the second factor to consider when buying tiles - relief or rough surface.

the floor tiles in the hallway - how to choose it?

In addition to these properties, tiles in the hallway should have a low level of moisture absorption.Entering the house after the rain wet clothes, we sometimes cover the floor do not just spray and whole puddles of water.

The lower porosity of the material of construction of the tiles on the floor in the hall, the lower its moisture absorption, ideally, it should not exceed 3% in a private home and 6% in the flat tall building.Given that in the hallway floors have to wash very often, it is desirable that the coating withstands household chemicals, which means it must be class A or AA.

level coating hardness must correspond to 6 or even 7 points out of 10, above the optional, it will be a commercial flooring.Nevertheless, even at the maximum density of the material near the front door, it is desirable to lay a special rubber mat, which protects against overloading.Decorative tile in the hallway, being within the home, it is does not possess such a quality as frost.If the front door is made and insulated all the rules, even those tiles that will be laid at the doorstep, will not be exposed to low temperatures and the more rapid their differences.

tile design in the hallway - what to prefer?

In very rare cases, the layout of the apartment or private home provides for the windows in the hall, so this space usually does not differ bright lighting.Hence, it is undesirable to use tiles of dark colors, particularly black, and small size. best to perform tile design in the hallway light cool colors, so it will be visually more spacious .If you use warm colors, the room will seem smaller, but much more comfortable.

When the addition of the ceramic flooring you will need more and wall tiles for the hall better to stop your choice on the artificial stone.His most the best option - it is ceramic, it is possible to revet such as walls and floors.For the latter can also be opted for kvartsvinilovogo coating, it is based on the order of 80% quartz sand, bound in a solid and flexible vinyl tiles and plasticizers with the addition of pigments.

the most reliable and elegant is the so-called "Golden Tile", manufactured in South Korea.By noble metal this material has nothing to do.Tile is made of PVC, which is sequentially deposited on top of layers of natural resin bonded stone granules, glass and durable film with a pattern.And all this just 3 millimeters thick.