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August 12, 2017 18:08

facade insulation technology of mineral wool - the secret installation ?

Applications and properties of mineral wool

used this material especially for heat and sound insulation.It is used when constructing any kind of roof, insulation of horizontal and vertical structures, both inside and outside the premises, industrial equipment, pipelines, water tanks, in general, for all surfaces from t to +700 ° C.If we talk about its benefits, it is possible to identify the following:

  • Waterproof. Despite the fact that this material has the ability to pass steam from inside it does not absorb it.Because the entire structure is protected from dampness and "waterlogging."
  • has high insulating properties thanks to its special structure.
  • Provides optimum ventilation , and the likelihood of condensation minimum low.This leads to the creation of a favorable microclimate in the premises.
  • Good sound insulation .The material has acoustic properties due to its elasticity.
  • Fire .Mineral wool provides full fire safety throughout the building and does not spread the flames.

main and major drawback - the harm to human health.According to many experts, mineral wool allocates phenol formaldehyde resins, which are not safe for people and lead to various diseases.

Because this material even wanted to ban the construction of residential houses.However, as claimed by manufacturers, the percentage content of such substances in the mineral wool is very low.In support of this they show a variety of environmental and SEZ certificates that are issued after the Federal Service of the tests.Whom to believe, you choose.

technology facade insulation with mineral wool: preparing the base

Before you carry out insulation of external walls with mineral wool, you need to properly prepare the ground.On the facade cleaned and bulging foreign objects (including drainage system, nails, reinforcement).If you do not remove these metal elements, the condensed water will cause corrosion during temperature changes.And appeared rust can leak out, that spoil the whole appearance of the building.It also eliminates the old coating.To this end, it is important to know how to remove the old plaster, paint and others.

If there is mold and fungus, it is important to remove them too.Once you have cleared the base wall conditionally divided into zones, make an original card suspension.Each zone is placed vertical, diagonal and horizontal sag (or, more simply, conventional nylon cords).

They are necessary in order to study the geometry of the surface.And if in the future you will mount the insulation thickness of 50 mm, the slack make a height of 60 mm.It also eliminates the need to check the curvature of the walls of the level.Next, the ground surface well and then apply mineral wool for the façade.

facade mineral wool insulation technology: Apply insulation

To mineral wool facade is securely attached, use special plastic anchors.In some cases, of course, can not be used.However, as a rule, in such situations, cracks and collapses insulated surface.This is due to the fact that this material has a large weight and all important as it must be secured to the base.So, how to do it?

With dowels fixed guide profiles, which will keep the entire structure.Next, prepare the glue for insulation.For example, a good mix is ​​considered ST 190 Ceresit .It's just for stone and mineral wool.After they cover the underside of the material.Thermal insulation is applied to the wall.In the next stage, when all attached to the base, to create a reinforced surface layer.

Apply glue, and it vtaplivaetsya armosetka, and then re-coated with an adhesive composition.Thus reinforcement is done.But if you think that the insulation of facades with mineral wool this is completed, you are mistaken.At the final stage necessarily used decorative plaster facade.It will not only give an aesthetically attractive appearance throughout the building, but also perform a protective function.