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August 12, 2017 18:08

Warming apartments - the subtleties of work in the context of

What are the materials for insulation can be used?

Since the insulation of apartments inside the material requires not only high performance for thermal insulation characteristics, but also environmentally friendly, then the best option would be the mineral wool.At the heart of its production are exclusively ecological materials, which makes it so popular.

Attention!While working with mineral wool must be armed with respirators and protective gloves!

If you started the outer insulation of apartments, the most suitable for these purposes will be the foam.Its main advantages include:

  • low price;
  • usability of the material, it is easily amenable to cutting or other actions of the builder;
  • no difficulties in delivery at destination;
  • durability and variants subsequent finishing material.

If so look, the material is suitable for both indoor thermal insulation measures.This algorithm of the procedure does not differ from each other.The only thing you need to pay attention, because this is the use of materials suitable for exterior or interior applications.

How to insulate an apartment outside?

In order to produce high-quality thermal insulation of the apartment from the outside, you need to take care of that you had purchased all the necessary materials and tools prepared.So, you will need:

  • polystyrene plates or other material that you will use as insulation;
  • primer mixture of deep penetration;
  • special glue for foam;
  • profile start to clearly highlight the bottom row of insulation;
  • dowel-nails and special fasteners for foam ( "mushrooms");
  • reinforcing mesh of fiberglass;
  • dry mortar for finishing works;
  • area reinforced.

In addition, you will probably need a hammer, a hammer, pliers, a nozzle on the drill as a mixer as well as spatulas and conventional gear for the application of the plaster mixture.When it's all there, you can start.

first surface to be cleaned of old finishing materials.After that the surface is thoroughly primed.When the wall has dried, the lower edge of the surface mounted starter profile, which will be laid and the first strip of insulation.For this purpose, the sheet with a notched trowel to apply a uniform layer of the adhesive composition.Next foam tightly pressed against the surface and then "fungi" is fixed at five points.

When the entire surface is decorated, the foam is applied to the plaster layer of the mixture, which is recessed reinforcing mesh.You can then apply more 1-2 layers of plaster to the maximum quality to prepare the surface for subsequent finishing.Incidentally, stacking technology insulation material is the same as for internal insulation.

insulated inside the apartment

Such a process, as the internal insulation of housing, we will consider the example of the use of mineral wool because it is the most suitable for such work.To perform the procedure, you will need:

  • mineral wool;
  • pieces of wood or metal profiles for the drywall;
  • fixing "fungi";
  • primer.

As usual, immediately proceed to the preparation of walls for insulation.

Important!To warming was the most high-quality, be sure to have been embedded in the treated surface all cracks and other openings through which cold air can come into the room!

Then carefully primed wall.When the surface is dried, the floor and ceiling stuffed guide profile, which is then inserted into the profile rack.The distance between the uprights shall not exceed 40-60 cm.

Attention!Do not forget to leave between the uprights and the wall distance, which would be enough for stacking heat insulator.

When the frame is ready, going laying insulation.At the same time, pay attention that there are no gaps.It would nullify all your efforts, because it is through the holes in the flat flow of cold air will come.Fastened to the material surface with "fungus".Then the whole thing sewn up drywall, which is then subjected to further processing.But that's another story!