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August 12, 2017 18:07

The enclosure roof - organize the security right

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roof During operation, administrative and residential buildings often need to clean the ventilation, installation of equipment, partial repair of the roof, and without a guard to carry out such work is very dangerous.At its core, it is a low fence, which consists of uprights connected by rungs on several levels.

fence device on the roof is carried out in accordance with SNIP.Enclosing elements must be made of reliable material and, of course, should not spoil the appearance of the building.All uprights have special fasteners that provide secure fixation of the whole structure on the roof.

Metal roof enclosure is mainly made of stainless steel or galvanized mild steel, there are also options for copper with a special coating.The choice of metal, from which made fence and mounting system will depend on the material roofing and roof type.Roof cladding of galvanized metal, for example, require the use of the steel rail.

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ce roof can be divided into two groups Requirements:

exploited and unexploited .The type of roof will depend on the requirements for guards.Any

operated roof is characterized by a rigid base for the installation of roofing material, because there must be a possibility of permanent exit to the roof repairers to carry out maintenance work or installation.

fencing roofing, GOST 25772-83, must meet the requirements imposed on the balcony rails, namely, at the height of buildings up to 30 meters height of the protective fence is 1100 mm, more than 30 meters - 1200 mm.If it is installed on the parapet, his height is reduced to the height of the parapet.Step uprights should not exceed 900 mm and the beams - 300 mm.

unexploited roof does not provide the output of people on the roof, so does not require a rigid base.The height of the roof fencing for this type of roofs should be not less than 600 mm, regardless of the number of floors and building height.The maximum distance between rungs and should not exceed 300 mm.

How to correct the installation of fencing?

addition to the selection of quality materials, great importance is the correct installation of fences in compliance with all building codes and requirements.Fixing the roof fence as follows.Please fix the vertical supports that are screwed with galvanized screws to the supporting bar through the roof or mounted to the parapet.After that bolts are fixed crossbar.Places mounting guard to the base of the roof should be carefully handle corrosion means that prolongs the life of the whole structure, and adjacent areas of the roof equipped with special covers.

Since the boom on the roof are designed to ensure the safety of people as conducting repair work on the roof, and are at the bottom of the installation must be carried out exclusively by professionals.From time to time, should inspect enclosures for durability and reliability.