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August 12, 2017 18:07

flat roof - the nuances of self-construction

flat roof - the character designs

Before you make a flat roof, you need to know what type it is.There are two types: the flat roof is operated, it is the same inversion, and unexploited or traditional.The inversion model provides arrangement of winter gardens, summer playgrounds, greenhouses and so on.

This roof should give the opportunity to enter the place to put any equipment or repairs.Traditional roof does not require additional strengthening, because of this, it will be cheaper.

Flat roof type has several advantages.When their device can significantly save on building materials because of the small slope of the total area is much smaller than, for example, a pitched roof.flat roof roof plan stripping should provide additional useful area which can be used for various needs.

have the roof and its drawbacks.Prolonged use of rug waterproofing constantly exposed to atmospheric influences which may lead to the formation of cracks on its surface, which in turn may cause leakage.

slightest violation of the technology or the use of substandard materials in the device, so the roof will significantly reduce its service life.

device flat roof - preliminary calculations and preparation

flat roof design or the so-called "roof pie" consists of a concrete base, which fits on a vapor barrier.Then comes a layer of insulation, which was covered with waterproofing carpet.Basically, such a carpet is used for waterproofing material based on bitumen.

Instead of the concrete base can use a wooden truss system.Wooden flat roof will be much easier, and its improvement will be less time-consuming and costly.But the tree is known for its weakness to various weather whims.

If you have certain knowledge and skills of a flat roof with his hands on the forces of almost anyone.Before starting the installation, you need to calculate the flat roof to see the amount of materials needed.To do this, multiply the length of the roof next to its width.

flat roof with his hands - how to make a building?

device flat roof will require these materials: beams, rails obreshetochnye, OSB-board, plywood or concrete slab, vapor barrier film or roofing, insulation, waterproofing rolled carpet.The first thing on the longitudinal walls of buildings must be secured mauerlat under which previously was covered a layer of roofing material.

Then they stacked truss system with a pitch of rafters 60 cm. Insulation film is attached to the rafters using battens.Instead of crates you can use the OSP-boards or plywood, which are stacked roofing material.

garden or outdoor area device base flat roof should serve RC-plate, which is spread roofing felt overlapping each strip of at least 10 cm. Thermal insulation of a flat roof is made operated using slag, expanded clay or extrusion heaters.Insulation poured cement screed, then you can spread the waterproofing carpet.