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August 12, 2017 18:07

Roof : roof facilitate technology

Roof: its technology Coanda

Remember rolls of roofing material, which are recorded on the roofs of dozens of houses before the autumn rains?In essence, this is also a kind of soft roof, but without resin, it is ineffective and therefore a better look at a more modern materials.Today, there are very different soft roofing, production of certain types of technology that is significantly different.

The cheapest option, of course, rolled on the basis of fiberglass with bitumen-polymer coating, which makes this material similar to roofing felt.The service life of this type of soft roof is from 10 to 25 years (as long as it lasts, provided timely repair).Laid on a solid basis without deflection by rolling rolls along the roof slopes overlap, from the eaves.Fixation is provided by nails hammered in increments of 100 mm.

Membrane roofing is also a web material, but its reliability is much higher than bituminous-polymer, and the service life is 50 years under ideal conditions. Band membrane thickness of 0.8 to 2 millimeters can reach a length of 60 meters and a maximum width

- to 15 meters .In other words, laying can be performed with absolutely no adhesive seam and no means sensitive areas.

Finally, in fact, soft tile, which is a small plates with various cutouts.The basis material is fiberglass or felts in combination with bitumen-polymer layers.Such tiles density higher than that of a similar web material composition, as well as shelf life.There is one major difference - the outer cover can be made of stone powder or even very thin copper sheet.Fits this tile adhesive with additional fixing with nails, with a displacement of 143 mm relative to each other.

Roof: characteristics

material to use the material as efficiently as possible, it is necessary to know its properties.Since we are now discussing a soft roof, it is characteristic of this material we will consider.Firstly the roof should be watertight, and in this respect roll bituminous-polymer coating along with soft tiles fully meet all the requirements.Without significance and weight of a soft roof, especially when compared to the natural tile.Indicate weight per square meter for the whole range of material thickness would be difficult, note that when a layer is 1 3 mm square weighs from 3 to 5.5 kilograms, depending on composition.

to soft coating roof served their term, requires proper installation, then throughout the operation does not even need repair.

Selecting soft roof depends on many factors, and if the area where you decide to use this material, sharp fluctuations in temperature, do not hesitate, you have chosen cover will sustain them.Shingles and bitumen-polymer strips are not afraid of direct sunlight, high temperatures and severe frosts.This installation of a soft roof temperature corresponds to the golden mean, it is best to lay at + 5-7 degrees.What is remarkable, and other climate events will not affect the structure of the material - it does not accumulate atmospheric electricity, and with a roof you will not hear the roar of rain on the surface.

advantages of a soft roof and possible cons

people around looking for profit, sometimes even double.So let's find out just how profitable it is for you to take advantage of a soft roof, if any, to other materials for the roof.First of all, - the resistance to corrosion.Metal covered with a thin polymer layer, as well as galvanized profile, at the slightest violation of the protective layer to quickly hand over positions to the corrosive processes. soft roof can often damage during installation, it does not affect the reliability of structure.

About the weight we have already discussed, and it is significantly lower than that of metal coating, which means that when transporting, you can bring to the construction site is much more flexible roofing material.If you are suspicious of a soft roof, it is easy to find defects, for example, someone may not like that when installing, you must first cover the plywood crate, wide edging or decking or particle board.However, most of the disadvantages of a soft roof - a far-fetched, since the reliability of the material proved by time.