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August 12, 2017 18:07

Siding for the cap : how to sheathe their own house?

Siding plinth - the attractiveness and ease of repair

question throughout our life regularly gets up in front of us.Interior repair is done more often, but the repair of the building from the outside, many miss.Every home needs protection, well, if it is more ennobling appearance, in this case the decoration of houses Ground siding - the best solution.This will not only protect your base, but also to give it appeal.

worth noting that the siding for the cap is not expensive, and installing it to handle even the novice builder.Therefore, we will try to shed some light on this simple process, revealing all possible nuances and difficulties.

Sheathing plinth siding - the pros and cons

Every building material has opponents and supporters, as well as finishing plinth siding has its pros and cons.Let's start with the positive news, which is enough.The advantages should include high resistance to temperature extremes.The basis from which it is made, is not reduced by minus 50 and extends at 80 degrees.Indecent low weight allows to install the siding without reinforce concrete construction.He also has a very long service life, during which absolutely does not require you to restoration costs.Also siding mounted special chemical scheme which allows him to not fade in the sun, but also kills mold and dampness.

Cons are small, but they are.The first and perhaps the greatest - is a visual increase in the size of the ground floor.For some, this may seem insignificant, but someone is fundamentally important.Rate this possible, a small section of the wall sheathing, and after continue.Finishing a basement siding has other disadvantages, but they are not so significant, but rather a subjective dislike for certain performance characteristics.

Preparing and finishing the house basement siding

If you decide to decorate your basement warm and siding, you'll have to make some preliminary tasks.To begin to align the base, or rather just cut the sharp projections, if available.Also, move all of the cap, so that access to it was quick and hassle-free.

Then prepare the foundation upon which we mount plate. Crate under the ground siding - is an important and necessary.Usually it is made of section bars 3x3 or 2x2 cm. Lathing a cell size should be about 20 cm high and 40 cm in length.This allows you to firmly attach siding to the cap.The rectangles formed on the wall between the boards can be laid insulation, waterproofing, insulation, or both.This will be a huge plus.

After completing the preparatory work it is time to sheathe siding house basement.For this you need the siding itself, screwdriver and screws for wood.Gently fasten the first part of our siding sheathing, the whole saga begins with the upper level.Now it's the next part, which slots should ideally go to the other slots.If you do not go, safely tap the top hand.Sheathing plinth siding requires little physical effort.Actually, this is the whole process of installation of the siding.

Each new part to be inserted into the slots of the previous with little effort , after which the screws are screwed, and so on until the full completion of the finishing process.This is no big deal, and it will not take much time.

You may also need cutting disc for grinder or jigsaw most common, because they do not pick up under the siding plinth, and vice versa, so you'll have to manually create the required shapes slats.Do not rush to throw out the extra bits, it is possible that the next wall you will not have exactly this element siding.