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August 12, 2017 18:07

Vinyl Siding or metal - we assess the leadership qualities finish

What is the siding?

Texture vinyl siding is very similar to a tree.The quality of finishes such significant, it does not deteriorate under the influence of direct sunlight, easy to tolerate frost, humidity, does not age over the years.Suitable such material on almost any front, working with him quite easy, even inexperienced builders, and environmental standards, he is very good.

Metal siding presented, usually in the form of panels measuring 120-300 mm.It is made of galvanized steel.Surface - smooth or profiled, the service life of up to 50 years, cold-resistant, not subject to corrosion and is resistant to a variety of sediments.Mount siding on metal or wooden structure.The only negative during installation - is the lack of flexibility.

Molded - solid, but not for the facade

I would also like to consider all the pros and cons of finishing other materials.There structurally similar to a siding material, different in texture, so consider that attractive for decoration, paneling or siding ?

Vinyl siding is designed primarily for interior trim, siding, on the contrary, to the outside.With it you can decorate any surface, any length and width, and the lining is not do.

siding can withstand different temperatures, fixed with fixtures, and wall paneling fasten tightly, often nails.Fixing the siding at the free, the panels adjacent to each other are not too tight, and the condensate is able to flow inside.The bunk that is not provided.

After the analysis, which is better: the siding or wall paneling, it becomes clear that both materials have their own characteristics, but for the exterior finish is much better suited first option.

Plaster - a capricious lady

Now you can compare what is best for exterior decoration: siding or stucco ?Making plaster can be done in several different ways, depending on the formulation and application technology of your facade is a different cost.Usually this amount to 5,000 rubles.Plaster cheaper crack within a year.Expensive, too, is not recommended to take, because they are damaging the walls.

Correct uneven walls by means of plaster will not be possible, but the siding is best for hiding defects.Facade with this finish will be worth up to 12,000 rubles.Do not take the cheap stuff, it is fragile.Buy it today can be in any color.The walls are finished with this will be fully protected.

As a result, even if superficially compare siding and stucco, you can draw some conclusions.Despite the initial low value of plaster, the ultimate price of the facade of a material will be higher than when using the first embodiment.Siding is much easier to install, and the wall below it are fully protected, it is superior to the plaster on the practicality and convenience.

Brick - not a competitor

last question, which can put yourself builder, which is better: brick or siding ?The brick facades are almost always used in order to save, but these homes are sold for some reason, a lot more expensive.No maintenance brick facades do not need, but the siding has recently become the leading material in the decoration of houses.

Set it much faster, withstand all weather conditions.The only drawback - is that he can break into a strong wind, however, half the problem is negligence during installation.Many pros and cons of each of the materials, but the siding is still preferred.

Before buying material for the facade should be as good as possible to explore all the features.It is obvious that a lot of alternatives, but the siding is still not in vain won the recognition of the broad masses and is commonly used for facades.