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August 12, 2017 18:07

OSB- plate: size, structure , properties and applications

OSB-plate - the size and structure among

building, construction and finishing materials that have received wide recognition in the world, the universal applicability of oriented strand board simply can not be surprised.Simplicity and manufacturability allow four main and three special types such plates.The flat rectangular pieces of wood chips or shavings layers are glued to sheets of material.The number of layers of wood chips is usually from three to four.

special feature that gives the unique properties of these plates is oriented fibers of the wood-chip chip.Typically, the outer layers have a longitudinal orientation of the fibers, while the chips constituting the inner layer is perpendicular, i.e.across.Chips thus formed are pressed and glued impregnation resins (having a phenol-formaldehyde base), synthetic waxes, and boric acid.

If we consider the classification, it belongs to the first class of OSB, characteristics which , depending on the production technology and components used, allow the application and use in conditions of low humidity.The second type of plate is already quite useful as structural material for construction in dry areas.Since

third type classification, the sheet can be applied to structures with high humidity.The fourth class is used for installation of structures with significant mechanical loads in environments with high humidity.

boards OSB - specifications and application

exists for OSB panels specifications allow reusing it for high quality durable removable formwork in the production of concrete work.The sheets of material are perfect for all kinds of outdoor tiling and coating.Thus they can easily be covered by other materials.

OSB panels Low weight, high strength and water resistance are ideal for foundations (solid crates) roof.The sheet has a good sound absorbing properties.Its properties guarantee high rigidity and resistance to wind and the weight and snow load.

What is very important for use as a basis for flexible tiles, concrete and metal, as well as slate and other roofing materials like.

High performance values ​​allow for a very reliable floor of OSB boards.It can be a rough floor in the form of solid flooring and installation of bearing lag.Demand for lightweight structures defines various widely used sheeting for direct installation in their floors.Do not even covered with other materials, such floor has a remarkable resistance to abrasion.

in housing construction OSB plate application found and for the installation of a wide range of structural supports for the walls and floors between floors.Assembled from materials such I-beams serve as bearing elements, in particular for buildings made of wood.In addition, mounting thermal panels using mineral heaters as their rigid supporting framework and together with concrete, brick and wood, such a panel is applied.

OSB-plate - properties and use

As you can see, plain and water-resistant OSB plate was serious competition in this - already traditional - materials like plywood and particleboard.In comparison with the GCR and gypsum sheets, plate provides high resistance to moisture and, subject to its closure facing materials, successfully used as a basis for a variety of designs.

And this is quite understandable, because the OSB plate, the properties of which are different and increased strength, 2 times stronger than quality chipboard.And that, along with water resistance, ease of processing, low deformability under load, resistance to rot and pests.Fasteners in the panel does not lose its strength with time.

This plate OSB, thickness of the sheet which may be 3.2 mm or 2.5 mm, has a lacquer coating on one surface thereof.To perform multi-functional shuttering reusable panels laminated surfaces often.Such measures allow to obtain utilization rate is not worse than that of the manufacturing options for sheet metal: up to fifty cycles.Comparing the cost of the metal and panels, as well as the production of formwork technology, we can understand efficiency stoves.

During manufacture a special profile plate can be formed in the ends of the tongue and groove.Such treatment provides easy installation of OSB in the tongue.Machining can be all four sides, and only two opposite.This achieves the maximum usability of consumer material.

In the case of use in various finishes of OSB is used as an outer or inner liner.In particular, for the plastering of the inner surfaces of plates used bituminous cardboard or paper as a layer on which the set plaster mesh, for example, galvanized steel.

Despite the low resin content (up to 14%), still has toxicity and plate OSB, harmful it is the level of phenol and formaldehyde, allocated by it in the air.Especially in closed spaces.Application of measures to finish (to prevent direct discharge) and polymeric MDI materials for the outer layers of the plates to reduce the concentration.

having in its labeling prefix ECO, Green, etc.OSB harm plate has about the same as foams, panel foams in vehicles or wide applications including food packaging.