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August 12, 2017 18:07

Snow stop for the roof - now under the home safely

Snow retention on the roof - the significance of this action

Snow retention on the roof provides a gradual and steady snow melt in small portions, which are not able to damage the roof and gutters, and if collapse does not pose a serious threat to people and their property.After installation, you need to periodically arrange check their condition.

Protivoobvalnye fence mounted with screws with rubber pads on the roof immediately above the supporting wall or a little higher to the crate directly through a roof covering.The steeper the angle of the roof slope, the stronger must be the fence installed.

Usually snow stop installed in a staggered manner, and sometimes - in a straight line.On the slopes of a length in excess of 5.5 m should be equipped with several rows with a gap between them of two to three meters.The type and setup of such structures depends not only on the length of the roof, but also on its type, but more on that later.

snow stop for a roof - the types of structures

for roofing Safety elements of the market represented network , tubular and plate snow guards.The first category includes products in a grid on a rigid metal frame.They are installed on roofs with tiled floors or high-rise buildings to prevent the descent of snow and ice.their length is up to 2.5 meters, width - 0.15 m.Usually mounted in series at short intervals.

Tubular protivoobvalnye systems consist of galvanized steel tubes oval, additionally coated with a layer of polymer.They are used for standing seam roofs and tile, as well as roofs of corrugated covering.Unlike network protection systems Tubular snow stop not detained on the roof of the entire weight of the snow, and provide for its gathering in small pieces.They are mounted in one or several rows or staggered.When mounting distance from the eaves must not exceed one meter.

Plate roof safety system are made of the same material with metal tile and looks like a curved in a certain way unprofiled sheet metal.In its basic in form they provide reliable protection and is mostly installed on roofs with a slope of no more than 30 degrees.

Installation of a particular type of snow holder due to the individual characteristics of the roof.This takes into account the type of roof covering, building height and the angle of the ramp.

snow stop for seam and soft roof - especially installation

snow stop for standing seam roofing are classified as tubular and consist of two lengths of pipe inserted into a sheet metal-bearing brackets.From others they protective structures of this class are distinguished only by the fact that their support is further equipped with special clips for folds, through which tubular protivoobvalnye system are attached to the roof, without disturbing the integrity of the coating.

Detention snow on a soft roof has its own specifics.Building Code found that the angle of slope of the roof with a soft roof can not exceed 15 degrees.With such a small corner of an avalanche of snow collapse is unlikely, and therefore there is no need for a powerful protective devices.

In addition, the surface of such coatings is always rough, which also prevents the accelerated descent of snow.Finally, under the coating over the entire area has a rigid solid base, to which must be secured to soft snow stop roof practically without limitations.

Taking the above into consideration, as the protective structures on soft roofs can be installed snow stop point-stoppers, placing them at the bottom of a slope in a staggered manner.Snegostopory are galvanized steel strips, bent in the shape of triangles.