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August 12, 2017 18:07

Sliding mounting rafters

How does moving truss system

01 Moving - Picture mounting rafters .257-1 Sliding System rafters

Mounting systems must be carried out in compliance with all standards for the shrinkage of the wood, so be careful.The slightest inaccuracy corrupts and destroys the roof.

system consists of elongated ridge and boards.Ridge - this is the height, the angle of the roof.It is necessary to prepare a template, and then attach it to the rest of the details.Next you need elongated boards that have small holes for the bolts.They can be done on their own, to make it easier to join.Between the joints of boards and their end should be a distance of 10 cm. The holes perform a drill.

How to be considered for the system of rafters

01 Moving - Picture mounting rafters .257-2 load calculation on the truss system

necessary action in preparation for the roof load is the load of the weight of roofing material, the presence of precipitation.

In addition, it is important that the tree has not changed its section at fissuring, and therefore must take into account the degree of humidity.

Materials Systems

  1. rafter to eaves cornice
  2. rafters for intermediate boards
  3. Skate roof

individual scheme used for fixing parts.

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Mounting sliding roof system

first fix fad roof and used for this purpose a joint plate.They are easy to use.Next to the intermediate beams supporting rafters set of special sliding elements.

Rafter support is typically mounted to the rafter strictly perpendicular.It is therefore necessary to regulate the right angle of 90 degrees, which can be done by zapilivanija bars and the main part of the moving system.This installation will be more comfortable.

01 Moving - Picture mounting rafters .257-5 board for roof system

to install a sliding element with an extreme angle to the direction of the correct course of the rafters in the shrinkage of the building.In this position, the timber will go to a much better, and after installation you can install the roof and its long-lasting service.

most successful moving truss system for buildings of wood beams and logs.Especially carefully for this material should be installed fasteners to the rafters of the framework.

During shrinkage of the building permitted height can be up to 15%.The only thing you need to be careful - it's the size of the system.

Important!During the determination section trusses must take into account the weight of the roof.Width edged boards, which are most often used, is not more than 20 cm and a thickness of - 5 cm

Important nuances mounting

truss system Naturally, the truss system is mounted by entanglement and jointing of logs on the roof ridge..Nails or screws are used, as well as steel plates.

Important!Do not use mounting screws, as they rarely cope with the retention of large loads.

for fasteners need to consider the following items:

  1. The wooden roof mounting plate is used, Nigel, boards, overhead or false corners.
  2. metal roof fastened with screws, nails, bolts, nuts, pads, overhead steel corners.

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