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August 12, 2017 18:07

Proper installation of gutters or how to make durable roof ?

What is the drain?

Drain consists of gutters, pipes and fittings.Trench - a semicircular element, which is mounted on the perimeter of the roof.According to it, the water enters the drain via the water intake.In its early chute plug set which does not allow water to go in the wrong place.All of the chute are connected with special couplings and adapters.In order to make the bending angles are used, which are divided into internal and external (135, 120 and 90 degrees).Connection pipe with a funnel made with the tribe, and to redirect water to different corners using splitters.

Note!On the market there are a large number of different designs for drainage of rainfall, allowing you to choose the best options for specific buildings.

At the beginning of the pipe is drained.The connector requires a special gutter hooks, and the pipe itself is fixed to the wall with clamps.Also in the design may include: livnepriemniki that are needed to connect the drain to the storm sewer;nets and baskets funnel - necessary for the leaves falling obstacles in the pipe;Drip - installed on the roof board and are used for more efficient drainage.

Installing gutters to suit all standards

selecting and purchasing the necessary construction of drainage, you can start its installation.Here the question may arise, how to install gutters and other parts of the design?This is done as follows:

  • First set the gutter bracket.Metal gutter bracket must be secured even in the process of mounting battens to the rafters.The ideal is considered, if the pitch of rafters and the holders of the same and is equal to 60 centimeters.If the step above the norm, it is necessary to attach the brackets at the same distance;
  • Installation funnel.The size of the hole for the funnel should not be too large, otherwise the flowing water will spill out.The hole in the gutter is a hacksaw.To install, align the fold and gutter and bend the lock;
  • Installation is done by putting the outer groove on the bracket laying in it;
  • fixes cap;Compound
  • gutters using special connectors.

This fastening gutter completed.Further there assembling the remaining parts of the design, namely mounted knee, connecting pipes, sewer, clamps and plums.By making the drain, it must be remembered that the drain should not be located too close to the ground.Usually be sufficient to lift the drain 30 centimeters.

Note!On the funnel it is recommended to install a grid of leaves, because it will prevent the system from contamination and possible congestion.

importance of proper slope

important step in installing gutters is to calculate its inclination.The slope of the gutter is calculated simply.If the roof of the house standard, triangular, and its length not more than 12 meters, it is enough to be easy installation trough at the end of the pipe.If there are obstacles linear expansion, it is necessary to establish a compensating funnel at length up to 12 meters.With a length of more than 12 meters must be mounted two simple funnel and the compensator, with between them should be less than 24 meters.If chute goes around the perimeter of the roof, then mounted dual compensating funnel.

When calculating the slope should be based on the following laws:

  • slope should be about 3-5 mm;
  • between brackets should be a distance no more than 50 centimeters;
  • funnel, angle compensator and cap chute must be at a distance of 5 centimeters from the nearest arm.

Important!Incorrect calculation of slope will make the whole system is not effective, so if you calculate it yourself does not work, you need to see a specialist.