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August 12, 2017 18:08

The cart hydraulic manual for a country farm

What may be hydraulic hand truck?

Today is a very popular expression "to use deadhead", and it does not mean a weak-willed person operation.Just as it was known pallet truck, Rocla - a derivative of the distortion of the name of the Finnish company "Rocla" , warehouse equipment manufacturer.Today, the company has been owned by other owners, but its name still means high class equipment.

even produced many years ago truck hydraulic manual of this brand continues to diligently operate, despite the inevitable wear and tear.Repair of hydraulic trolleys of this level is quite expensive, but it pays off.The middle class of such equipment - the most common, mainly from the German manufacturer, is reliable, relatively easy to be repaired and can be purchased at a fairly low price.

And finally, the third grade distinguished marginal cheapness, as is done in China, but, sadly, belong to this class, and domestic brands.On the reliability of Chinese trucks and can not speak, they are easily damaged, and the only consolation is that the technique was bought at bargain prices.Domestic more durable, but they are still far from the German quality.

Difficulties choice - hydraulic platform truck or fork?

As you can see, the choice is small, but it must be done, of course, if you do not have the means to purchase both types of equipment.Differences have only structural principle of the action is the same, based on the hydraulic lift.Accordingly, the hydraulic platform truck involves loading a fairly large number of goods, whether brick or boxes of fruit and vegetable content directly to the reception area, which is mounted on the scissor hydraulic lift with a frame in the base that can raise (depending on model) from 150 to 1000 kilogramsa height (again, depending which model) up to 140 centimeters.Useful acquisition, is not it?However, quite expensive.

Platform trolleys can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a mobile desktop in the studio.

cart hydraulic fork has a simple design, it could see in many garages where this technique is sometimes used instead of the jack, and quite successfully, though, wearing quickly.Forked housing mounted on two wheel truck at the base, the ends "fork" are provided with rollers, single or coupled, depending on the capacity art. This pallet truck to lift the entire body at the hydraulic scissor, relying only on the rollers and wheels, easy to operate and maintain, and is relatively cheap.

Pallet Truck, instructions for use

Regardless of whether you are in the construction or repair, harvest in the garden or transporting fertilizer garden plot, you need to know the weight of the load.In construction it is important to plan the scope of future work with a certain number of solutions and dry mixes, harvest, of course, need an account, and fertilizer should not be much and not enough.

for such purposes is the best fit pallet truck with scales, and in the selection, we recommend paying attention to the middle class art. Too expensive equipment will justify himself for a long time, and cheap may well be damaged, it is not recouping the cost of his .

When you have such a stacker, the instruction will tell you the basic control settings, but nothing complicated about it.The main difficulties can arise only from the setting of the weight will be indicated with container or without it.But using the documentation, you can configure everything themselves as control usually consists of just a few buttons and the display, to minimize the vulnerable areas.

protective housing reliably safeguard the electronics, but still try to protect it from shocks.However, if you use the truck correctly - namely, neatly sums it under load, to determine the true position of the center of gravity and activate hydraulics without jerks, the weight display will always show the exact and the goods will be moved without incident.