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August 12, 2017 18:08

Spout punch : its features and species

for Hammer chuck - the choice is always

Power come in different capacities, are usually purchased for the house relatively small, since even during maintenance work there is no large-scale problems.In particular, the owners of the guns for themselves selected light class, up to 3 kilograms, less preference for the middle class, from 3 to 5 pounds net weight, without any additional devices.

On those and other costs are usually interchangeable keyless chuck for punch Steck-Dreh-Sitzt or, briefly, the SDS, translating roughly as follows: Sit down, turn, sit.In total there are 5 kinds of this nature, but only two are common. For drills and light middle classes exclusively used cartridges simplified type «plus», as provided for heavy version of SDS-max .

What is the difference?First designed for small loads up to 5 J, whereas heavy hammers impact force capable of delivering up to 30 J, and even higher.Relevant and their performance - light equipment punches holes no more than 25 millimeters, and heavy, with the use of special nozzles - up to 160 millimeters.

device punch cartridge and its operating principle

Let's look at what's inside the gun cartridge.Previously drill fasteners carried out by closing the movable jaw by rotating the locking nut.It is not always reliable and is quite long.Today easier in SDS-plus some other device used cartridge gun, drills are fixed by means of two guide wedges and the same number of locking beads in SDS-max cartridges on one guiding wedge more.Shanks nozzles must be appropriate, in this case there is a difference in the drill diameter for a particular type of cartridge.

To insert the nozzle into the modern cartridge is sufficient to establish it in the socket and press until you click detent balls, and to remove the drill, please click on the mobile chuck cover.

many beginners is curious, why set up different types of patrons.Everything is simple.Based on the fact that powerful punchers penetrate into the concrete with a great effort, due to the drilling of holes decent diameters must be reliable fastening tools.SDS-max embodiment provides deep landing drill, namely, 90 mm, which in combination with a shank diameter equal to 18 millimeters, the contact area provides a tooling cartridge 212 square millimeters.With this coupling can safely drill hole in the natural stone even high hardness.

Hammer with replaceable cartridge that can and can not?

Virtually any electrical unit is versatile enough to use if additional devices, for example, dust bag for the gun to him.nozzles are also widely used, which may be different, reduction and finally replaceable cartridges.Actually, the Boers opportunities and other tools used as an accessory, is often lacking, as is sometimes necessary is not quite the punch profile for the work.

example, to tighten the screw, screwdriver is needed, and in this case the very rescue hammer with replaceable cartridge.However, no matter how much you may have installed adapter or even a tried to change cartridges, high accuracy fine work is almost impossible to achieve.The fact that the guns originally developed from the small backlash, which is inevitable when the principle of action, based on which these units operate: electro-pneumatic or electromagnetic.

However, installing a new cartridge, you can drill a hole thinner with a high degree of success. The only thing that is not recommended - is to establish SDS-max chucks on drills mild or middle class, the load is no longer the same, and there is a risk of ruin power.