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August 12, 2017 18:07

Measuring vertical angles theodolite and his other abilities

How to use a theodolite - a few words about the device

The package includes several instruments landmark-compass, optical rangefinder nozzle, the target plate and some other attachments.At this time, specialized theodolites used:

  1. surveying - to work in the coal roadway;
  2. astronomical - equipped with ocular micrometer;
  3. gyroscopic theodolite for measuring angles and determining the direction of the meridian.

Regardless of the configuration and use, any theodolite consists of the following units:

  • housing, with fixed horizontal and vertical of the reference circles;
  • stand-leveling base, on which there are three adjustment screws, as well as all levels;
  • telescope;
  • suggestive and fixing screws;
  • plummet;
  • a reading microscope.

Bringing theodolite in the operating position - setting device

Before starting the measurements carried installation theodolite in the operating position .On how securely the device depends on the maximum accuracy of calculations.Bringing the theodolite in the operating position is to install it over the point: alignment, leveling and installation of pipes for observation.

Centering theodolite is used to align the limb horizontal circle with a plumb line, which passes through the device location.Leveling theodolite causes the axis of rotation in a vertical state.The plane of the limb at this time takes a horizontal position.

Primary leveling is done during the installation of the tripod, and the fine adjustment is carried out using screws with plate level.However, a theodolite must also be able to use.To obtain the necessary knowledge, of course, it would be nice to go at least an initial training course as the treatment of such a precision instrument does not tolerate negligence.

This article does not serve as a manual for the acquisition of skills with a theodolite, but merely provides general information about how you need to handle this unit.

measurement of vertical angles theodolite - how to do it yourself?

Initially, the device must be reliably mounted on a tripod.Then choose two object point measurements.The telescope with a screw and a diopter ring suggest the selected point.

Thereafter, the vertical thread of the telescope is aligned with one of the points and the data are read from the horizontal circle.Gradually weakening the fixing screw, the pipe is moved in a clockwise direction to another point and also removed evidence.

Angle measurement theodolite sometimes done using a circular reception which is appropriate in the case when it is necessary to take measurements from a single point.For this Theodolite set in the right place.The limb should be as close as possible to zero.

then begin to rotate the alidade to the full alignment of the zero stroke microscope with zero touch on the limb.This is followed by a bit loosen the clamp and pipe direct to the point.After the measurement, tighten the locking screw and make calculations.

Measuring horizontal angles theodolite is conducted, regardless of its position.To carry out these measurements telescope in turn suggest a couple of points, between which the measurements must be taken at the same time and held horizontal angle.The angle is determined based on the difference samples.If you still have questions about how to use a theodolite, a video on the page of the site will help to more thoroughly acquainted with all the subtleties of this work.