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August 12, 2017 18:07

Repair punch with his own hands : Is it real?

Whether it is worth to take on repairs?

on various websites and forums, ask a lot of questions about how to repair the hammer.Often we have to repair the cheaper models, all kinds of counterfeits of popular manufacturers.In case of breakage of such instruments to restore them is pointless, and give workshops in inappropriate, because the repair will cost, for which it will be possible to buy a new instrument.

more expensive and high-quality models are much longer, even with frequent and intense use.Their replacement often caused not yield instrument failure, and the desire to buy a more advanced model.

If corporate puncher stopped beating or other damage occurred, the experts do not advise to try to repair it yourself.All models have their technological features, so no guarantee of successful repair is not.You will have wasted time and in the worst case even aggravate damage.His forces can cope with only minor breakdowns.

Tip!Experts strongly recommend that in case of breakage of branded tools take them for repairs only authorized service centers.

Causes damage

Feature of the gun is working in a dusty.His commutator motor is cooled by a fan.The cooling air are dust particles, which rub against the stator and the armature, and they wear rapidly.If the punch is not included, perhaps there was a deterioration of the varnish, and the breakdown of the winding.In this case, inevitably have to do a rewind of the stator and armature.

Tip!To prevent dust from time to time it is necessary to carry out maintenance and cleaning of the gun from dust.

Another common failure is related to the mechanical part of the instrument.Most of them have a mode switching mechanism.The punch they are: fight, rotation, rotation to fight.The switching mechanism of the modes susceptible to breakage, which lead to poor performance.If you stopped to hollow punch, perhaps, the reason for the mechanism.You can check this visually disassembling tool.

Faults punch often associated with the cartridge, because it is subjected to heavy loads.Reinsured by this can be only one way - to safeguard it from falling into the dirt and dust.Periodically, the cartridge should be removed and washed with petrol.You can also blow out the dirt with compressed air and re-lubricate all the mechanisms.

Disassembly Procedure

tool If all the same you need to troubleshoot the punch on its own, do it in the following order:

  • Removed gear lever, be careful, because improper disassembly may cause damage to fragile parts;
  • Detached rubber cap.It should be time to change the tool to protect the trunk from time to time (this may be the cause of failure, if the punch does not twist);
  • If collapsible cartridge, proceed as follows: removable brush, unscrew the screws and remove the casing, then everything breaks by itself;
  • Produced inspection, replacement of defective parts, lubricants;

Note!It is not recommended to use a lubricant such as constant velocity joints.

  • going in reverse order.

If not hammer hammer or other damage occurred, dismantle it according to the instructions and perform inspection.If you do not know how to fix the punch, not sure of their abilities, it is better to consult specialists.