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August 12, 2017 18:07

Welding Technology of profile pipes

Gas welding

Welding Technology of profile pipes For a start it would be desirable to note that the metal profile is produced by cold deformation conventional round tube.Thereafter, the tube is heat treated to remove stress inside the metal formed.Profile made from carbon or low-alloy steel, stainless sometimes used.For welding of shaped pipes using conventional methods - semiautomatic, contact, gas and electric arc welding processes.Welding Technology of profile pipes

usually accustomed to believe that the gas burner is only capable of cutting metal for subsequent recycling.However, skilled craftsmen can apply it to weld shaped pipes for gas welding technology.Suitable gas - a mixture of oxygen and acetylene, which are output are mixed to form a high temperature flame capable to melt metal.details Melted edge technology filled the gap, and there is the mating parts.Lack - gas welding seam is not achieved a high mechanical strength.Therefore, to improve seam strength additive is additionally used - welding wire.

Arc welding technology of profile pipes

Sectional tubes welded allow them to design from any angle, as well as butt, overlapped, T-joints.It delivers some of the difficulties in the work, but arc welding rescue in any situation and will be selected even in the most inaccessible and inconvenient places.However, if the metal is sufficiently thick - 4 mm, it is required to prepare a pre-edge.Welding Technology of profile pipes

important is the question of what to cook electrodes shaped tube.Selection of electrodes depends on the thickness of the metal.For example, for tubes with walls 1.5mm electrode is required to 2 mm.In addition, the welding machine set a current strength so as not to burn through metal.Modes depend on the electrode diameter, current, voltage, polarity, current type (AC if constant), the rate at which the electrode is moved.Welding shaped tube produce uniformly.It is necessary that the edges had melted equally and at the same time, preventing the metal drawdown.Welding Technology of profile pipes

Resistance welding of shaped pipes

This method is subservient only to highly qualified specialists and special equipment.Running it in difficult climatic and installation conditions.When resistance welding of metal heating effect the principle of electric shock under pressure.The additives are not used, and the plastic deformation is formed in the weld region of strong compression, providing connection of metal elements with each other.