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August 12, 2017 18:08

Decorate everything: how to make a gun with their hands ?

first method

assembly To begin preparing the foam of small size.Suitable material, which is used for thermal insulation of balconies and soundproofing drywall partitions.From this blank is cut in such a form that will depend on the vessel, as you selected ink tank.For these purposes, the bottle can be adapted to any suitable capacity.Desirably, the neck was wide, the wider the better.An element that is cut out of foam, must tightly clenching a bottle.In some holes drilled workpiece.

Important!The holes must be drilled precisely as other ways to damage the foam.

first hole is on top, it is inserted into the rod blank, for example, the empty tank from the pen.The second hole is drilled horizontally, and it is set voided body pens.You can use any cheap items for this, because if we use expensive accessories, the spray gun with their hands do not make any sense.Further, the capacity is dialed paint.He sprayed it on the work surface by means of what is necessary to blow into a tube made of a pen.This is one of the options, how to make your own gun.

Another option

homemade spray gun can be done another way.Assembled on a homemade gun technology is more versatile than the diffuser, made by the first method.He created on the basis of a glass or plastic bottle.The neck should be at least 20-25 mm.Then bend the aluminum or copper tube diameter of 4 mm and a length of 20 centimeters and is attached to the cylinder of the hairdressing spray gun or the hose of a vacuum cleaner.At the upper end of the tube is worn nozzle which can be turned from brass.

Note!The nozzle is better to do with different diameters of the holes, as it will expand the possibilities of the instrument.

After that is taken from the socket of the connector, and it is inserted into a tube diameter of 2 millimeters.Steel bracket is made with a hole for a nest.The upper end of the tube is reduced to a cone and trimmed.Then all collect finished parts with the vial, thus adjusting the position of the suction tube so that the upper end of the nozzle was on the axis.The suction tube is glued or soldered to the socket and tighten the nut.All homemade paint sprayer is assembled and ready to go.

Spray your hands, why is it needed?

Now that we know how to make the sprayer, see in which areas it can be used:

  • Painting of furniture and other wooden surfaces;
  • car painting;
  • Creating dense structures.

good spray paint with their hands to make a simple, but the benefit from it most.Thus, when the vehicle painting he will save, since paint is quite expensive, but with the purchase of a special sprayer price increase.According to statistics, the use of plant sprays are not always a guarantee of quality paint.Often remain on the surface of streaks and unevenness.Coping with this is a homemade instrument.But, of course, to a greater extent on the quality it does not affect the tool, and the ability to use it properly.

This applies not only to the car paint, but also any other procedure.The main thing is to have some skills in this area to spend quality work.Therefore, before painting it is recommended to practice on some waste materials and work your technique. Note! work with a spray is necessary in goggles and a respirator.