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August 12, 2017 18:08

Stone-cutting machines for home use

General principles of stone-cutting machine

main elements of stone-cutting machine are:

  • steel shaft, which is attached to the cutting blade;
  • pulley and a belt connecting the electric motor and the shaft;
  • Platform, which moves sawn material.

principle of its operation is no different from the machine for a tree, with the only light of the stone is much harder than wood, so it is necessary to know some special techniques.He saw diamond sawing stone at a speed of 5 millimeters per minute and more viscous and solid materials slower.

Note!For normal sawing stone shaft must be rigid and not bend, and the bearings must provide precision rotation.

When working to keep the stone more than 50 millimeters in volume impractical and uncomfortable.But the natural material is very rarely the correct form, so it is not a flat area, and sustainability.To fix it, using special clips, which saves the stone from shaking and turning.Clamps are attached to a support which slides in the direction of the cutting disc.Served stone slowly and carefully that there was minimal contact between its surface and the cutting blade.

How the system works?

Stone Polishing can be done on an ordinary glass with abrasive powders.It needs only a few drops of water and put on a little glass powder.Now you can start working.During the process, the powder is added slowly in small portions as abrasive wear, and water is poured to a creamy mass is maintained.Cutting stone with the transition from the coarse fraction to a small, hands, glass and stone should be washed with soap and water and a brush, as if in a small fraction gets a little grains of coarse fraction, then all work will be spoiled.

Important!All work must be carried out only in goggles.

This is one of the schemes, how the stone-cutting machine homemade.Various types of circuits and designs of these machines much is enough, and you can make them from different materials at hand.They can be collected from the old motorcycle parts, lawn mowers, and so on.For those wishing to make their own machine will be described below one machine designs for the cutting of stones of medium size.

Putting the instrument yourself

as the engine in stone-cutting machine, you can use the electric motor from the washing machine with a capacity of 180-250 watts, and with the ability to develop 1500 rpm.When such data may be a two-step pulley with gear ratio 1: 1 and 1: 0.35.The former is more suitable for processing a stone with an abrasive material which is fixed, and the second - for fast work with a bulk powder.

as great wedge transmission belt of the type "Zaporozhets."Thread mount faceplate can be either left or right, as long as during operation under load faceplate does not fly off the spindle.The trough to collect the cuttings should be twice the faceplate, and the height of two centimeters higher.By the side walls of the tires mounted to randomly pop out of the hands of the stone is not broke.

All work with the stone is made with the addition of water, but a special dropper is used only for work on the faceplate with fixed abrasive.If you are working with a bulk abrasive, it is best to use a hospitality tray for wetting.Stone cutting machine with his own hands made on this principle - this is a simple and very efficient way to obtain the necessary blanks.

Note!One must always have in reserve a sufficient number of disks.