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August 12, 2017 18:07

Removing the anchor

design anchor anchor

considered the most reliable method of fixing of various elements to the concrete or wooden surface.Reliability of fastening lies in the design of the product itself.Anchor bolt consists of a screw with a thread that is inside the cone-shaped capsule.On top of the bolt nut is located.After placing a fastening member in a pre-drilled hole is twisted nut, bolt moves upwards thus raspiraya sleeve edges.The sleeve abuts the surface of the hole and retaining member occurs therein.Extract this design is quite difficult back, but not impossible.

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Methods for extracting anchor

Before you specify the ways it is worth recalling that the recovery of the anchor from the concrete wall - this task is very difficult and time-consuming.It should be very carefully considered options for securing heavy structures to be able to avoid having to eject fasteners.

Method 1: Removing the "meat»

To do this take a lot of pliers, a hydraulic pump, or other device with which you can drag objects with great force.The concrete around the anchor can be gouging using a chisel and hammer.The resultant hole will close up when using cement or putty.

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Method 2: Weakening holder

As part of this method, you must first unscrew the nut, and then try to loosen the capsule spacer anchor.To do this, the goal hooked bolt on the wall to reduce its pressure on the capsule.Thereafter the spacer greatly reduced.Then it will be possible to pull the anchor out of the hole with the help of available tools.It is also possible to score the maximum in the wall sleeve and cover up the hole with the help of plaster and putty.

method 3. Boring screw connections and nuts

As it has become clear from the name of the method, in which he recommends to drill a hole in the place where it joins the bolt and the nut.Thereafter, the inner part can be removed from the wall anchor.

Method 4: Breaking concrete around the fastening element

bolt unscrewed, after which the concrete is broken with a hammer around the studs to a depth of one centimeter.Then you can remove the inner part of the anchor with a pair of pliers.

method 5. Boring anchor completely

If the fastening element is made of weak metal stamps (usually brass), it can try to completely drill using a drill.To do this, right next to the clogged product made drilling a full-length bolts.After that, it can also be removed with pliers or wire cutters.The resulting hole will be sealed using putty or other mortars.

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Council last: in the end, sticking out of the anchor can be simply cut off the grinder and all the bumps zashpatlevat if in the same place will not need to drive nails, new anchor or spend on it the wiring.

From all the above it is clear that the removal of clogged anchor - the event is very complex, but quite feasible.It is necessary to have patience and be prepared for severe, though brief work and a serious cleaning.