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August 12, 2017 18:07

Acetylene generator own hands

Acetylene and its properties

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So why acetylene.The answer is simple.This combustion gas at high temperature reaches, which varies in the region of 3100 degrees Celsius.With such a temperature can be easily melted metal black of any thickness that is just necessary in the process of welding.Also, acetylene is used in various chemical reactions which are carried out at elevated temperatures, for example, when generating the aldehyde products and creating rubber polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

specifics of the acetylene generator

This unit is a tank in which the water connection to the carbide, the process which generates heat and acetylene.Inside the container there are special conditions that control the reaction in the right direction and prevent the explosion happened.Acetylene welding machines are of two types: fixed and portable.Stationary acetylene synthesized in quantities up to 160 m3 per hour, and the Portable - 3 cubic meters.

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Details of acetylene generators for

action procedure is currently used several welders options to acetylene, which differ from each other by the principle of action.Each type has its pros and cons, consider them separately.

Carbide in water

principle of operation of such a generator is based on the fact that the calcium carbide normalized doses served in a special compartment in which the water flooded up to a certain point.Feed slaked lime produced in gazoobrazovatelny compartment automatically at the moment when the pressure therein decreases.Devices of this type have a high degree of reliability and safety.In operation, the generator "carbide into the water" type traced such positive moments:

  • gas passes a high degree of purification;
  • comes complete decomposition of calcium carbide;
  • devices such systems are easy to operate and maintain.

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Water carbide

Such acetylene generator system is divided into dry and wet versions.

Dry system is used in stationary units.Specificity of work based on the following structure of the system.Inside the unit is a container, which is placed through the holes slaked lime.Further container rotates carbide and water is subjected to pressure treatment.

The advantage of this system is the easy disposal of used carbide, and a minus - it incomplete decomposition in the process and the emergence of a large number of impurities in the resulting acetylene.

wet version of this system is as follows.The water is placed inside the system up to the mark.A special compartment under the tank is filled with carbide.Next, to start the reaction unscrewed control valve, and the water begins to be supplied to the slaked lime.After reaction has occurred, acetylene is collected in a special compartment and to achieve the required pressure, the water ceases to flow to the reaction site.Then, when gas is used, system pressure drops, and the water re-enters the system.

Among the shortcomings can be identified potential overheating of the system and lack of decay of the reaction components.In addition, technical support for the work of this type of unit is labor intensive.

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Substitution water

process of obtaining acetylene takes place according to the following system.Placed inside the water tray is then set to the active element.After the reaction has occurred, the resulting acetylene displaces water that is collected in the storage cylinder.Then, during use of the resulting acetylene, pressure fades away, and the water returns back into the reaction chamber.So there is a reaction to the complete decomposition of carbide.

system differs from other high reliability, but in the same way as the previous one, requires low maintenance process.

conditions for acetylene welder

basic requirements that apply to generators of acetylene:

  • air temperature at which can be manufactured welding: for portable generators: -25, 40;Stationary: +5, +35
  • Automation controlling the supply of calcium carbide in gazoobrazovatelny container
  • The design shall not have parts that contain in its composition more than 70 percent of copper, as well as elements that are capable of emitting a spark
  • machine must becompletely sealed.That is, when the work is to be no leakage of gas and ingress of air into the generator housing from the atmosphere
  • order to fix the gas pressure in the apparatus, the generators should have appropriate measuring devices
  • presence fuse, which should limit the maximum gas pressure in the device
  • In the mechanism of the machine must present a safety valve that will prevent the occurrence of explosion
  • The mobile generators should be used only calcium carbide large granulation

most popular models used acetylene generators

generator AHB 1,25

Abbreviation AHBIt stands for the device with an external displacement.The model generator is hardy, with the combined action.

Working with this model is made according to the following structure:

  1. housing Inspection
  2. Filling water corresponding camera to the desired mark
  3. Filling the retort carbide
  4. Further there is a start-carbide with a suitable valve
  5. Provided acetylene, which is under pressure displaces waterof
  6. camera With a sharp increase in pressure gas is ejected to the outside through a special exhaust valve

device GRK 10-64

This device works by means of "water on the carbide" system.Steps in operation is the same as the previous model, so to cover it completely unnecessary.It is necessary to specify the advantages of this machine:

  • When producing reduced metal consumption due to the fact that the system uses a gas collector
  • easier A room in the unit carbide
  • significantly reduced water consumption

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Unit ACP 2-64

This unit is stationary generator system "carbide water to" dry type.This type of generator is designed to provide continuous supply of large quantities of acetylene in a shop, in which continuously use gas welding.

prices for acetylene generators

Buy a device of this type can be either through the Internet or in a specialty store.The price of portable devices ranging from 7 to 10 thousand rubles.Stationary acetylene generators also can be purchased for an amount approximate to the mark in 1 500 000 rubles.

Acetylene generator own hands

reaction for preparing acetylene from calcium carbide and water can be made at home.But you should pay attention to the fact that such a device is very dangerous and can cause serious damage to your health and to your dwelling.

Step 1. For the manufacture of acetylene generator with your own hands, you will need the iron housing with a solid wall inside.

Step 2. In one of the compartments must be placed carbide, and the other water.

Step 3. Water through a special outlet should fall on synthesizing the material, and after the reaction, through the discharge hose to cross in the compartment equipped for acetylene.

Step 4. In this system, it is very important to build a water seal, which will take place through the gas.The gate acetylene cools down, and the fire dies out.The use of this element of the system affects the very maintenance of its safety.

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It is worth remembering that the acetylene generator system is very unstable due to the inconstancy of the reaction, so it is better to invest in the purchase generator.It is also possible to take such a vehicle for rent.But the safest option would be to hire professional workers, who have certain skills and its equipment.