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August 12, 2017 18:07

Trowel for Venetian plaster - an indispensable tool in finishing

Trowel for Venetian plaster - select

tool Few buy the tool for applying Venetian plaster, it needs, first, to pick up on the arm, and secondly - to choose the right, so you do not swear through his teeth while decorating.Please select the trowel, and it is better to buy a few different sizes of this instrument.The first tip when choosing - do not consider yourself an amateur and match tool meticulously.Yes, you are a beginner in repair work and even more so in the decoration of the walls with Venetian plaster, but that's why the tool you should be the best, it's a professional can do the job even children sovochkom.

What should be the trowel: perfectly smooth, polished to a mirror finish, with comfortable grip .Polishing is needed in order to minimize the adhesion of plaster to the tool.Most preferably rectangular trowel for Venetian plaster , it is more convenient to work, tilting at different angles to the surface.At the same time, make sure that the edges are rounded trowel, so you do not scratch the smoothed and primed plaster surface.Properly selected tool will simplify your work and save your loved ones from having to hear the strong phrases in your performance.

Spatula Venetian plaster as an alternative to the narrow Kelme

Most experts recommend the use of Venetian plaster coating on the walls of various sizes trowel and nothing else.However, someone with a trowel work comfortably, someone not very.Ideally trowel for Venetian plaster, which is used to apply a second layer, and following it, should have a width of up to 5 centimeters, as with all rounded edges and be sure of the wear-resistant steel, preferably - stainless.But, in fact, it needs simply because a narrow tool to work even in remote places, so trowel can be replaced with a small spatula.

principle applying Venetian plaster on the wall is similar to the final finishing putty surface.That is why those who have had to putty, to be easy to use a spatula to Venetian plaster.Of course, this tool should be, as well as the trowel, carefully selected by hand.There is a considerable number of varieties spatulas - plastic, rubber, but you only need steel, flexible enough and, at the same time, wear-resistant, stainless steel with an impeccable polished.

tools Venetian plaster - how to use it

Well, now it's time to proceed directly to the decoration of the walls.Materials have tool too.What should be a tool for Venetian plaster we have already figured out, it remains only to combine it with the materials and figure out how to use a trowel and spatula.

In fact, nothing complicated, although many professionals argue to the contrary.We take on a wide trowel small amount of plaster, finished color or color scheme dissolved in it, and for the first layer begin to actively broad arcuate movement applied to the wall.In other words, again shpatlyuem wall, only this time the Venetian plaster.The angle between the trowel and wall surface must be extremely sharp , so you will not scrape the plaster from the ground.

next tool for the Venetian plaster, which takes over from the trowel - a spatula.Although no two identical narrow (no wider than 5 cm) trowel.Why two?One you will be put on the wall of small lumps of plaster, carefully pressed and smearing, and the second will have to be even more compact the already thin layer of plaster.

And so small strokes, chaotic overlapping, section by section, until the whole wall is covered with a gently flowing into spots of light in the dark (and vice versa) tones.This will be ready to be sanded and waxed Venetian plaster in all its glory.