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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to remove scratches from glass - to show affection to the glass surface

abundance methods glass restore

Glass is fairly brittle material, and remove the need to carefully scratch.Despite their character and appearance, it is necessary to remember the following: it is possible zapolirovat micro-scratches, but deep unlikely to disappear from the surface under such influence.Therefore, if the scratches are large, it is better not to waste your time.So, we look at how to make the removal of scratches on the glass surface, and give the same form.

The best remedy is a regular nail polish.Only this is not suitable any nail, but only transparent.A thin layer of varnish applied onto the scratch.Next, we give time to dry and remove excess paint with a special tool for removal, if you do not have time to do this before.

also a good way, how to remove scratches on the glass, will polish metal.It is necessary to put a few drops of the liquid on a soft cloth and wipe the surface scratches on the spot.Repeat this several times to obtain maximum effect.

Another simple method - is to use ordinary toothpaste.

Importantly, gel or paste-bleaching are not suitable for this purpose.Little need to squeeze the paste on cotton or cloth.Circular motion to wipe the glass and after a few seconds, remove the excess paste.This operation should be carried out until the scratch is not lost.

Paste GOI is also a good remedy in the event of detection of scratches.The paste was heated to be molten state and triturated well on a piece of cloth so that it is absorbed into the material.Then rub in a circular motion in the space of microcracks.In addition to these methods, you can still apply a mixture of vinegar and dry mustard.They need to mix in equal proportions, and then applied to the scratched place and allow to dry.Remains clean, dry cloth.

with scratches on the glass also perfectly cope liquid polish for automotive body .On a thick cloth and very scratch, apply polish, then wipe.Do not also forget about the tools that are specifically designed for this purpose.They can be purchased in the store.

Step by step guide to removing scratches

glass Now consider the step by step instructions to remove scratches example automobile windshield and paste GOI .To start well, clean the surface from different contaminations, so it will be easier to identify all the scratches.To do this, you need to take a thick cloth and wipe the glass with slow movements.

If dirt can not be erased simply dampened cloth, add the detergent, but then do not forget to thoroughly wash away the glass.After the glass is clean, it is necessary to treat it with fine sandpaper.Note that the paper is the smallest.Otherwise, it will only spoil the glass and make the scratch more noticeable.

Then take paste GOI and we put it on the scratched area.Using a circle of felt, start polishing this place.No need to hurry so as not to spoil.After all, the quality of work will depend on the smooth and careful movements.

Guide for careful operation glass

If the above methods do not help, then, repair scratches on the glass is left to professionals and to drive away the car in a car repair shop.If you have tried to restore domestic glass, the easier it will be to change it, if the defect is a serious obstacle to you.

But better, of course, to avoid the appearance of scratches, because the best treatment - is prevention.To do this, follow a few simple rules:

  • newspapers do not rub the glass;
  • not wipe it hard with a dry cloth;
  • only use special glass cleaner.

Keep this short list, and your glass will always be in perfect condition.