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August 12, 2017 18:08

Aerated concrete blocks : pros and cons


concrete blocks used this material in completely different areas of construction.Firstly, it is well suited for single-layer walls .The thickness of the concrete blocks for this purpose amounts to 30-48 cm. Secondly, it is also used for the construction of exterior two-, three-layer walls .The width of the blocks in this case must be 20-36,5 cm. Third, the material used to create fences and walls.

fact that it is much easier for the typical brick (which is important for the creation of such structures).Weight aerocrete is only 19.9 - 25 kg.Fourth, this material is used as a gutter blocks for further reinforcing or filling them with concrete (including the base).That is the task of performing formwork.It is because the walls of such units becomes more uniform, making plaster process easy and simple.

Aerated concrete blocks advantages and disadvantages

If we talk about aerocrete, which may be characteristic of its pros and cons, the advantages in this material is much greater than the disadvantages.However, the latter is also available.So, what are its properties?

  • Heat and noise insulation ensured by the special structure of the material.Compared with brickwork, aerated by 2 times and more mutes sound 3 times retains heat.Plus provides a favorable microclimate and kept warm even in the most severe frosts.
  • Resistance to biological environment (fungi, bacteria, mold).Even at a temperature of 30C and a humidity of 98% did not appear microbes.This is its significant advantage over wood as a material is not necessary to further process the preservatives.
  • ease and simplicity of installation.Unit weight is on average 20-25 kg., and its size in area replaces the laying of 28 bricks.This significantly simplifies installation and saves the solution 5-7 times.
  • fire-, water- and frost .According to international standards, this material can withstand more than 200 freeze-thaw cycles, has the highest level of fire safety, and has a water-resistant (moisture indicator it is always kept at the level of 5%).
  • Simplicity processing.This material is easy to cut, cut, making holes in it.However, he does not crumble in the process of work and achieved the exact geometric dimensions.This allows you to create virtually any design projects.

However, apart from the advantages of the material, there are a number of drawbacks.Firstly, it is a relatively low bending strength (typically in blocks with a low thermal conductivity).Secondly, brittleness at low density.However, if you approach the process of selecting well-aerated and choose a product of the different parameters (there are several types), you can choose a worthy material for your home.

Aerated concrete blocks specifications

Each building material is provided with their own characteristics.Of aerated concrete blocks are: the size, weight, density, compressive strength, and others.If say, it has a size that its length is always equal to 600 mm, height 250 mm, while the width can vary from 75 to 500 mm.Weight depends on what has gazoblok size and volume.On average, from 4.5 to 45 kg.

Compressive strength depends on the brand (300-600) and is in the range of 1.5-3.5 kg / cm2.That is, the higher the grade, the greater the performance of strength he has.Frost resistance is about the same everywhere 35-50 cycles.The lowest water vapor permeability of the material D600 and it is equal to 0.16 mg / mchPa, the highest in D300 and is 0.26 mg / mchPa.In general, aerated concrete blocks, the characteristics of which have just been listed, and some have different properties (size, number of pieces per pallet), but they often speak sales consultants.

Aerated concrete blocks, video from species that are presented on our website will be an excellent material for the construction of houses.However, it is worth considering the point that if you carry out the construction of their own hands, then in the construction of load-bearing walls of the material, the maximum height of the building can be 3 floors.