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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to remove the paint from the wall - parse an abundance of methods

How to clean the paint off the walls?

Firstly, oil paint is not always amenable scraper, and if you make a notch on the wall, it will fall off immediately with plaster to form the pit.Removing paint from the wall with the use of brute force can turn health problem because of the huge amount of dust.So what is the best option in this matter?

most effective way to carry out the removal of paint from the walls - paint remover from the walls by a stripper.This means scientists have developed specifically for the removal of old paint coatings with a wide variety of surfaces.Means in the form of a gel is best suitable for working with wall coverings.

The biggest advantage of this method is that it under force, even coating in multiple layers of varying degrees of aging.Surely, you have met with situations where decades of layers superimposed on each other, leaving the old under a.But no one way to be able to provide an effective approach is to strip off the paint from the walls without damaging the surface.

A serious drawback of the use of this solvent is a danger to humans, and therefore need room ventilation, if you do not want to harm their health.The room in which you do this work, you need to thoroughly aired, and the furniture and other things necessary to close the best polyethylene film.

Mechanical methods to remove paint

softened paint should be scraped off with sandpaper, previously wearing a mask or respirator.You can use for the purpose of softening the hot air under the influence of which it begins to bubble and becomes very soft.When deciding on how to clean the wall of paint, you can use a hair dryer or an old building a home iron, proglazhivaya them through the foil layer.

So, how to quickly remove paint from the walls?You can use the grinder or a good scraper.If you want to carry out the procedure using a grinder, you need to use compulsory emery disk, which will be for you the most budget process, besides allowing to save your health, but you must close the face and eyes from dust.

summarize how to act

Solving the problem of how to remove from the walls of the paint, you have to choose some way to show you the most effective:

  • use coarse tool (brush metal to an electric or emery wheel);
  • use a spatula, if the paint has cracked and started to move away from the walls;
  • use a special solvent that makes the paint soft, swollen, amenable scraper;
  • hot steam to remove loose it from the base.

decide on a way how to remove the paint from the walls, it will be possible to solve the problem quickly.Of course, the time for the process will go fairly, but the end result will be good.

In addition, the choice of method of cleaning will significantly affect future planned wall decoration.If you install the panel system or insulation of walls, then paint removal is not necessary.If the wall is papered tile, it is possible to apply partial cuts in the surface of the paint, they will guarantee excellent adhesion to the surface of the tiles.