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August 12, 2017 18:08

Aluminium foil : its properties and scope

few words about the production of foil

In fact, foil - it's a thin layer of aluminum thickness of about 0.2 mm.There are opinions and scientific data, that the production and use of products containing the metal, contribute to the emergence of cancer.However, despite this, the aluminum foil is widely popular.According to the producers themselves, it becomes sterile in the manufacturing process and therefore completely harmless.

the first time it began to produce in 2004 in Europe.It was then that her sales amounted to about 831,000 tonnes.Today, the production of foils for packaging of various products and goods takes about 75% of aluminum.And about 25% of construction costs (for thermal insulation of houses, for the manufacture of cables and pipes) as well as electronic and aerospace industry.

way, besides conventional, there is a thin foil (the thickness of 0.006 mm).

foil Types

As already mentioned, this material is used in various spheres of life.In connection with this are various types, for example, application area: aluminum foil, engineering, food, feed.The first is used mainly in the electrical industry, automobile and aircraft building.Also it is used as an insulating material for buildings and structures.

Foil aluminum construction is often used in insulation of the bath, steam room, sauna, creates a so-called "thermos" effect.The heat is stored inside and not come out.Also it is used in the isolation of ventilation systems, chimneys, roofs and floors.However, this material does not create an additional thick layer.

This group includes food foil, which is used for packing cosmetics, pharmaceutical, food and tobacco products.The tape used in the manufacture of wall panels.

subdivided foil also as surface-reinforced, corrugated, laminated.The first polymer is produced using a mesh or glass fibers.Provides slightly roughened surface for better adhesion.Aluminum foil reinforced insulation is used for external piping.

corrugated foil has a reinforced structure.It is used for oil, water, gas pipeline.Foil corrugated aluminum protects against corrosion, fire, and reflects more than 97% of thermal radiation.Laminated coated with an extra layer.Laminated aluminum foil provides the best protection against ingress of moisture and has a large thickness.

Well, the last kind, which is to say - it is self-adhesive.Widely used to cover the joints, and for flexible structures.Aluminum foil adhesive is thin.

foil Properties

Thus, this material is so popular because of its performance characteristics.Here are just some of them.Firstly, the ability to save and to take the necessary form.You can cover it absolutely any surface.It can be bent, folded infinite number of times in various configurations.Secondly, the resistance to corrosion.

the top material is coated with a special protective layer that prevents exposure to corrosive components.Third, the opacity.This is very important, since under the influence of UV rays may deteriorate the surface state repeatedly.Fourth, no attraction, static electricity does not occur, because of which the dust adheres.Such a problem typically exists on other film materials.