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August 12, 2017 18:08

Tar - what is the place of " aromatic " substance in the building ?

What do we know about the tar?

known to all thick liquid with a specific smell that is used not only in medicine, but also in construction, called tar.There are several options for obtaining viscous masses, each of which provides a different composition from other properties.

resulting wood product goes through dry distillation, which is why there is a peculiar smell.It is also possible the production of tar from hard or brown coal, peat or shale.It particles of tar, additives created on its basis, allow liquid material for laying roads, waterproofing materials.

Considering the properties of the composition of tar, it must be noted that it contains about 200 different compounds, which gives special characteristics of the substance, such as viscosity, a distinct smell and the ability to engage in a variety of chemical bonds.

substance may be compared with bitumen, tar but have lower thermal conductivity and tolerance to temperature changes.That is why contact with the compositions based on tar should be as carefully as possible, keeping the temperature limits during operation.

One can not say why there is a tar, a substance may be included in the special mass, designed for laying asphalt, road repair or construction.Upon heating of the tar substances evaporate easily, resulting in a characteristic odor appears.It is therefore not recommended for laying the roadway in a particularly hot period.

Application tar

Interestingly, the color of tar depends not only on the bases, from which it was made, but also on the treatment options.The building is used for material passing special distillation procedure, experts often prepared from tar separate substances that are added to the construction compositions.

crude tar is not used in its pure form is also because it is flammable, it can not but alarm the owners of construction sites.That is why it is subjected to distillation, removing moisture and light oil.If volatile components are distilled off, the resulting material is called the pitch.

That pitch is fused with other components to obtain building materials.Most often used such a formulation for the construction of roads. But for many other materials on the basis of tar, for example emulsion.

Emulsions are doing on water base with the addition of some components, reducing its surface tension, to dissolve the tar particles.Use them again in road construction, based on the emulsion, and is gruntoasfalt glinopek.

precautions when working with tar

Proper use of tar can produce good results in the building, so you should carefully read the rules of use of the composition, before starting work.The fact is that many coal tar liquids have a pungent smell, working with them is possible only in special protection or in the open space.

Natural wood tar material is treated to obtain the desired construction elements, which are added in special formulations.Wood tar mastic, emulsion paste and retain some of the hazardous properties of the raw material, so it is important to observe the rules of personal hygiene, not only, but also fire safety.

So should get gloves, goggles, respirators and protective clothing, and work carried out far away from flames or any source of sparks.Unloading of building materials on the basis of tar are not carried out on a hot day under the scorching sun and in the shade.

degtesoderzhaschie Also, some formulations are extremely dangerous in contact with the skin in hot weather.They can leave burns and long healing ulcers, so when working with them, the skin is treated with glycerol or starch-containing creams, and then cover with protective clothing.

use pure material is gradually receding into the past, it is qualitatively made hoods allow to make compositions that help to quickly perform construction work.