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August 12, 2017 18:08

for glass fiber Adhesive - how to choose the right mix?

What is this stuff, and why is it needed?

fiberglass - a material produced from mineral glass, also known as fiberglass.It is produced in several forms, differing densities (25 to 60, greater than the value, the denser the material).

Its main purpose - is to prepare the walls and ceilings, which are subject to coloring.The goal is to fine cracks with putty walls are not transmitted to the front surface of the painted surface.This is especially significant for the walls of drywall and ceilings.

Experience has shown that even the most expensive and high-quality putty mixture does not give complete assurance that cracks in the drywall joints.The same situation with fresh plaster, especially cement.It was to remedy this situation is sticky glass fiber, which does not appear that the crack.

Fiberglass has the following advantages:

  • This eco-friendly material (it is composed of sand, quartz, soda, clay, limestone);
  • ¬ęGossamer" is safe and does not emit toxic fumes;
  • not accumulate static electricity;
  • It is a beautiful and durable material.

Note!Working with glass tissue does not require special skills, it is carried out according to the same principle as the work with the wallpaper.

What kind of mixture I use?

So, how to properly glued fiberglass?It is known that it is necessary only to apply to the mixture, specially designed for this purpose.There are many solutions that can keep the "cobweb", including ordinary dry wallpaper paste.However, experts advise against its use, since it is based on starch and has the necessary strength.The structure also includes a special blend of PVA, which is stronger than the starch in a few times.PVA is even used for fastening of furniture, so it is not necessary to doubt his strength.

Sometimes sticker glass fiber is produced in the plaster, but this is also not recommended.filler density higher than the density of any blend, therefore plaster is unable to soak up the base of the canvas, it will not allow to make it fluff material.Also, it does not help the wetting of canvas and cooking liquid filler.Even experienced craftsmen after the application of "webs" on the plaster bubbles appear where the mixture has had time to soak.

Note!A mixture of glass fiber made of two types - dry and ready to use.

As fiberglass paste to the mixture flow was the best?Glue for glass fiber consumption is a: c of one package of 300 grams - less than 30-35 square meters.It is transparent and, having dried, non-staining, simply prepared and fit for use within ten minutes after cooking.It has the following characteristics:

  • not stain;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • grasps for 10-48 hours;
  • Frost.

technology of glass fiber drawing

Responding to a question about how to properly stick fiberglass, it can be said that the gluing of glass fiber technology is quite simple.It is necessary to apply the mixture on the wall (the wall is prepared in advance), then the strip material is applied, thus gently presses the edges.Then evenly apply the mixture on the wall for fixing the following web.

Note!Fabrics fall overlap of 2-5 centimeters.

trowel smoothed place paintings interface.Immediately incision two strips in place of their application.This is done with a knife wallpapering.Cut stripes removed.Next on the "web" is applied another layer of adhesive and also smoothed with a spatula.At the taping of glass fiber is complete and it is ready for painting or application of decorative plaster.