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August 12, 2017 18:08

Slate plastic - new developments in the roofing business

features slate PVC

Slate PVC resistant to UV and aggressive environmental conditions.The roof of this material can withstand temperatures from -50 to +60 degrees Celsius.Furthermore, it combines the advantages of slate, tile, metal and bitumen.Therefore, it has an aesthetic appearance and durable enough.

Fiberglass slate has the following features:

  • resistance to UV and solar radiation;
  • resistance to environmental influences;
  • robust to shock effects;
  • flexible, you can make the roof arch;
  • not rust;
  • easy to install and easy to process;
  • resistant to chemicals;
  • excellent appearance;
  • does not require special care.

addition, slate PVC plastic has its advantages over other materials:

  • moisture;
  • low weight;
  • transmits light;
  • low thermal conductivity;
  • good sound insulation.

disadvantage is its fragility when compared with other materials for the roof.

Variety plastic slate

Plastic slate is divided in shape to flat, corrugated and trapezoidal.Also clear the slate is simple and glass fiber reinforced, white and color.A variety of colors allow you to create unique and magical light effects.With such a coating, it is possible to design all kinds of designs, which will emphasize the modern architectural trends.

Transparent slate PVC, fiberglass-reinforced, intended for the manufacture of awnings in front of house, roof gazebos and canopies, as well as device light walls.Another such roofing sheets steel used in the construction industry.

Fiberglass gives impact strength and flexural strength.This roofing material includes the properties of the metal, wood and resin, that is a great strength at low specific weight, it atmosferostoek, does not warp.Service life is not less than 10-15 years.

addition to the above, it should be noted that the slate colored plastic has a high resistance to all weather phenomena: changes in temperature, prolonged sunlight, wind, hail and snow.No dirt is not collected on the surface, so it is always has an attractive and well-groomed appearance.

mounting Features

Slate plastic to be installed against the main flow of the wind.The second row should be done with an offset so that the center of the sheet in the second row was junction of two sheets of the first series. This stacking method eliminates the overlap of four thicknesses.

Furthermore, by mounting the roof in such a manner do not have a cut angle of slate.If you do not shift the rows of sheets, then it will be necessary to cut off a corner at 45 °.Capillary each sheet groove to be covered on top of the next sheet.A sides - blocked one wave overlap.

Given all the advantages and properties of plastic roofing material, it can be called unique.Its operation depends on a competent installation.If it is made by all the rules, then such a roof or canopy will last a long time, and the hosts will be able to save.

choose a slate, you can be sure of high-quality and safe covering of the roof, which will give pleasure for their reliability.