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August 12, 2017 18:08

Polystyrene : characteristics and properties

manufacturing foam

Before talking about the advantages and properties of the material, describe the process of its production.It is made by foaming polystyrene granules.Furthermore, these small particles are treated specially by heated steam.Repeat this procedure several times.Such cyclical processes are needed to significantly reduce the density and weight of the material.

Then the resulting mass is placed in a drying to remove residual moisture, the process is carried out in the open air.It is during this stage producing foam acquires its final form of granules whose size can vary from 5 to 15 mm.At the final stage of the dried granules should be "packed" into a form that is to give the material the form of plates.To do this, special apparatuses and machines is pressing.

The material steam treated a third time.The result is a white block having a well defined width.His cut to size to the customer.It can also be custom sizes (for specific design solutions).

Properties foam

First emit thermal properties of the foam.This is an excellent insulation material, which is used in virtually all areas of the construction of both industrial and civil buildings.The thermal conductivity of the foam is 3 times less than the expanded clay and wood, and 17.5 times less than the thermal conductivity of bricks.

For comparison, if you take a 12 cm foam, they are about 210 cm brickwork.These thermal characteristics of the foam can significantly save energy, which is spent on space heating.In addition, this material has also excellent sound deadening properties.The reason is, first of all, the porous structure of the plates.The thicker the material, the better the insulation.

also an important feature of the foam is its resistance to all kinds of chemical attack, since it is made from environmentally friendly components.It does not form an environment conducive to the development of fungi and molds, so operational problems hardly arise.And, of course, it should be noted it moisture and fire resistance.

It does not support combustion.But he is able to give off noxious gases (this is its undeniable drawback).

durability of the material and its high strength characteristics allow its use in the construction of the most significant buildings and structures.Numerous tests have shown that the foam is able to withstand significant mechanical loads and thus not deformed.And it fits quite simple, as it has little weight.

Specifications foam

The main technical parameters include density, compressive strength and bending, humidity, water absorption, the heat capacity of the foam and a few others.For example, it is known that all the small plates have, as their density is 11-15 kg \ m3 (15 grade).25 and 35 brands have, respectively, the rate of about 16-25 and 25-35 kg \ m3 .Thus compressive strength of each plate is from 0.05 to 0.16 MPa .

And bending rate is from 0.07 to 0.25 MPa.foam thermal conductivity coefficient is 0,033- 0,037 W / (m * K).This, as has been said, the thermal conductivity is much less concrete, brick and other materials.Humidity is not more than 1% per day and the water absorption is 1%.It therefore can not occur within the favorable environment for mold and bacteria.

Note! to pick up the material with the desired characteristics, it is worth considering marking foam.Sometimes PSB-S-15, 25, 35.