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August 12, 2017 18:08

Marking sheeting - dismantle stockade letters on the packaging

What marking sheeting?

Decking, the disclosure of which is set out below, divided into the following types: roof, wall, bearing, decorative.It is made of steel sheets cold-rolling technology.In the presence of the coating it is coated, painted, coated, double-sided.

Profiled marked by an alphanumeric code, where the letter indicates its purpose.Marking contains the parameters of corrugated board, part number, information about the producer, the number of sheets in the package, the estimated weight of packaging, date of manufacture, the stigma of the plant.

Investigated with features marking

sheeting, dimensions which marked the first half of the code, a notation that we consider below.Let us analyze the code.

  • N (carrier) - marked as corrugated board, which is used for permanent formwork, roofing, floors.He has additional stiffeners.The most widely used label sheets with H45, N75, N114.
  • C (wall) - is profiled with trapezoidal corrugation, which is used for the construction of wall structures.The most common are: C8, C10, C20, C35.
  • National Assembly - the universal form of sheeting, which can be used for floor and wall.
  • AC - sheet rolled products having an aluminum-zinc coating.
  • AK - sheet rolled products having an aluminum-silicon coating

Designation sheeting consists of several elements.For example, is such a labeling: S10-700-0,8 AC ML-1203 GOST 24045-94.This means that before you wall corrugated sheet, wave height of it - 10 mm, the width of the corrugated board - 700 mm, thickness - 0.8 mm.The sheet is made of aluminum-zinc rolled and coated with enamel ML-1203 is manufactured in accordance with GOST.

If at the end there is no labeling GOST, that means that this party is made by any other standard.The length of the sheets are not marked.Decking, whose sheet length is determined by the customer, can be from 0.3 m to 12 m.

What you need to know when selecting a professional flooring?

When selecting profiled sheets should bear in mind that they are ideally suited to your needs and financial capabilities.The first thing you need to pay attention, this is the wave height, the width of the sheet of corrugated board and the type of coverage.

is also worth considering the reputation of the manufacturer, because this material should be made on a first-class modern equipment and raw materials of the highest quality.

plate waves can have different shapes: trapezoidal, rounded or sinusoid.Choosing the correct wave height, you will choose the material that will perfectly suit the desired building purposes.

most popular is profiled C8 brand.It is reliable, optimal stiffness and strength.This provides excellent performance and relatively low price.Profiled sheet C20 and C21 brand is more stringent.It used to barrier structures.A fence made of such a material will please their reliability and appeal.

need for roof decking with a wave height of not less than 20 mm.This height will not allow the sheet to deform under any load.For roofing sheets are commonly used grades H60, N75 or NS35.They should have a polymer coating which will protect the material.If all requirements are taken into account, you will choose the necessary material without difficulty.