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August 12, 2017 18:08

Foam floor - master the technique of laying on logs and on the ground

foam as insulation foam

floor for underfloor heating are used frequently deal with its characteristics and understand why.Firstly, the active material consists of granules which are contained within the air. Such structure allows keep warm .Secondly, it is absolutely not hygroscopic granules through dense walls.This means that a minimum water absorption of the material is low.Even if the surface is completely filled with water, the walls of the cells just do not miss it.

Third, due to the fact that the material consists of 98% air, it can also absorb sound well .Precisely because it is used not only in homes but also in commercial premises.virtually no audible noise when walking shoes and heels.Fourthly, because, again, the most simple structure, the material is different extraordinary ease .Its easy to install, and the laying process can make even an inexperienced master.By the way, it is possible and insulate the walls.

foam floor: laying on the ground

In that case, when it is assumed insulation surface on the ground, it is necessary to begin to prepare the ground.For this purpose it aligned.And if the soil is still loose, is compacted.Pour cushion gravel or crushed stone about 10 centimeters thick, it is compacted manually.On top put a layer of sand is the same thickness, pressed it.Then plank layer of polyethylene and polystyrene.

If suddenly supposed not laying on the ground, but on a massive reinforced concrete slab or screed, it immediately covered with a film, and then the foam is placed under the floor heating.Top coated special metal mesh for subsequent concreting using cement-sand mixture (ie, made screed on styrofoam).Total thickness of this layer should be not less than 60 mm.

At the same thickness of foam to insulate the floor is about 3-5 centimeters.It was then that this structure is able to withstand the load, totaling up to 30 tons per square centimeter.The last stage is the alignment nivelirmassoy or assembly is carried out postilochnogo material.The surface is ready for use.

foam Floor: laying on logs

How is gender foam insulation under the screed is understandable, but also the case that you need to lay it on the joists.To this base coated film.For it, in order to prevent the insulation material from moisture.Then assembled crate of wooden log.Between them further and put foam under floor heating.Thus, the material is uniformly in the frame.

Incidentally, in this case, the foam can be applied as granular or extruded.However, before laying costs make sure that there are no gaps or cracks in the ground, since there may penetrate mice and other rodents.It is because of their carefully sealed and then mounted heater.At the final stage is applied OSB boards or hardboard.They perform the function of facial coverings.

Note! If you are going to do the same on the balcony, the question arises - how to insulate the floor foam in this case?In fact, laying the material is also carried out on the joists.But in technology, there are some nuances.

To begin lay a layer of foil instead of film.Then stack logs, between mounted foam, and then a second layer of bars, perpendicular to the first.At the final stage plank plywood.