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August 12, 2017 18:08

What cope cement NTs ?

Brief description of material

Cement SC - a special binder, characterized by fast curing and adhesion.The strength of the composition of the solution in a day up to about 300 kg / cm².

This type of cement is the product of co-grinding of Portland cement clinker (about 65-75%), aluminous slag (13-20%) and gypsum (6-10%).When dissolved water, he first gains strength and hardens, and subsequently expanded, with the straining concrete.Sometimes the two marks, are divided by samonapryazheniyu: NC-10 and NC-20.

Scope of cement is extremely extensive:

  • used in the construction of swimming pools, tunnels, subways, sewage treatment plants;
  • carried out with the help of repair and reconstruction of damp or flooded areas;
  • made foundations for turbogenerators, design under dynamic loads, building envelope based on a "foundation in the ground";
  • construction of facilities for the storage of radioactive waste;
  • perform airfield, pavements, road bridges, floors of industrial facilities operated roof, etc .;
  • production of hollow-core slabs;
  • in the production of pressure and non-pressure pipes;
  • recommended to use NC-20 cement masonry fireplaces and stoves in the private economy.

Cement SC - advantages and application

This building material has a number of indisputable advantages:

  • high strength;
  • durability;
  • fast curing;
  • high resistance to aggressive environments;
  • fire resistance;
  • water resistance (can withstand water pressure up to 20 bar);
  • resistance to cracking;
  • frost (about 1500 cycles);
  • chemical resistance;
  • fire- and explosion-proof;
  • does not form toxic compounds in interaction with sewage;
  • excellent adhesion to the previously poured concrete.

Straining cement is used in all industries.The advantage of this over conventional cement is the absence of such a factor as the shrinkage, which is extremely negative impact on buildings and structures.NC cement, conversely, increases in volume during drying.Besides, the qualitative properties of the material are significantly higher than those of an ordinary cement.This cement is packed in paper bags (45 kg), and sold in bulk.

use technology

To use Straining cement was the most effective, every reason, cracks and joints, where it is planned to use, they should be prepared accordingly.The surface and construction joints must be thoroughly cleaned from all sorts of impurities, washed with water and grease.formwork walls need to moisturize.

for the construction work will require the following: the capacity to stir the solution and a shovel or cement mixer, special vibrators required for compaction, trowel, a large number of rags, spets.odezhda.

First you need to knead waterproof cement-sand mortar.For this SC is mixed with clean sifted sand in the ratio 1: 2 and shut water (approximately 40% mass NC).

In no case can not be combined with other SC cement kinds of building materials, aswhile straining cement loses all its special properties.

After the solution is well stirred and, if necessary, pour into the mold, if the repaired joints and seams, then using a trowel, hand, closed up all the cracks.After casting / application of its solution must be well sealed, to the foundations of the structure during the day, to humidify for a further 7 days.